Wonder Woman trailer teases Cheetah and Gold Armor

Though not giving away how Cheetah will look in the first trailer for Wonder Woman 84′, it did give us a little bit with seeing Kristin Wiig as Minerva.

In recent posters, Jenkins did showcase Wiig in a cheetah print outfit and allude to CGI aspects being used for Wiig’s portrayal, but we have yet to see if she goes full Cheetah, or if this adaptation will be loosely based off the character.

In the trailer we also got to view Pedro Pascal’s villain and see a crystal that may be the one responsible for Minerva’s transformation, if it happens.

We’re also given a look at Wonder Woman’s Golden Armor from the 90’s comic runs, a suit that had given her flight and immunities. As an armor worn to fend off strong enemies in the 90’s series, I expect that Jenkins has a reason for breaking it out this time compared to Wonder Woman not dawning it against Aries or using it in Justice League.

Since we know that Cheetah is one of the enemies, and we have Pedro PAscal’s character as well, it looks like the next trailer will be used as a means to further showcase other easter eggs and homage to older Wonder Woman comics as it gets released.

Overall, the trailer did an exceptional job of showcasing more action sequences and fight choreography that makes the series stand out, such as the dance moves in what looks like the Oval Office, as Wonder Woman fends off 3-4 security guards. We also see her in a mall sequence using her tiara and sliding across the room as she fends off enemies, or using her lasso to catch onto lightning and helicopters.

All of these sequences, along with a few gags from Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor makes the next film more hype, as Wonder Woman has been the strongest DC movie so far since Nolan’s Dark Knight, and along with Joker, DC looks to get back into making stronger films to compete with Marvel’s next phase.

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