Marauders rebirths Sebastian’s Son

With the revelation of Kate Pride becoming the Red Queen in the last issue of Marauders, Duggan sets his sights on building up Shaw’s base with the rebirth of his son, Shinobi.

The latest installment is filled with details on Shinobi’s past and what he’s missed since dying. We’re given a lot more details into Sebastian’s role and the impact everything will have in future issues of Marauders, as Shaw creates his own fleet to deal with humans.

While Frost has Kate to rescue mutants from nations that are against Krakoa, Shaw introduces Shinobi to a militant ship to provide similar services under the banner of the Black King.

As the plot for Marauders deals with the politics in Krakoa, this issue moves the story forward by introducing more aid to Shaw and strengthening his side of the chess board that’s politics. Duggan’s writing and decision to focus on Shaw, who had always appeared at a loss compared to Emma in previous issues, was a welcomed change of pace. Before, we’d see Emma take advantage by destroying or overruling aspects of the table that Shaw wanted part of. This was made especially prevalent in his last issue when Emma gets Kate Pride to be the Red Queen, making it 2-to-1 in favor of Emma, with those in power. Now we have Shaw getting his equivalent of Kate to support his own means and this will change what the teams do further.

Since Kate also has a noteable crew of mutants to work with her, I’m curious to see if Shinobi will get one as well and what mutants Duggan will pick from. Seeing as we are looking at a potentially more violent group of mutants to carry out Shaw’s plan, I’d guess we’ll see more radical mutants like Mystique play a major role in Shaw’s plans. We can also expect to see Juggernaut make an appearance and Sabertooth getting reborn, making Shaw’s team similar to that of what Magneto would hire.

Other than Duggan’s writing and set-up for the future politics in this series; I enjoyed seeing the bright colors, as we still have Federico Blee coloring these issues, but we now have a different artist handling the series instead of Mateo Lolli; we have Michele Bandini.

Compared to the first two issues, Michelle’s style shares a lot in common with Leo in terms of Character designs and posture, but she gives us more far away shots than we got in the first few issues. We get bird’s eye views of Shinobi and Shaw walking into the black palace. We also get a large amount of wide-angle shots of Krakoa and the various destinations that Shaw travels to. The large amount works for showcasing the land and give Michelle more to work with to make a scene exciting, while we get a few close up shots of Shaw talking to Shinobi and people gathering around Krakoa.

Due to the content of this issue, the decision to do a lot of wide shots gives the impression that we are seeing things in Shinobi’s eyes to an extent and looking at more of the world of Krakoa, though some of the scenerios have been seen before in other issues. Having this element and seeing some haunts of Shaw and Shinobi, does give the audience more in relation to the two characters who have had little development so far compared to Emma and Kate.

Overall, Duggan and Michelle did a great job this issue in giving us a backstory focused issue that portrays the other side of the Emma Frost coin, as we follow along with Shaw and what drives him in the current mutant political climate.

I enjoyed this issue and would recommend this series as it’s another strong issue from the current run of X-Men comics.

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