Detective Comics disguises a One-Shot as issue 1017

As an ongoing series, It’s odd to have another author take over a storyline for one issue, to deliver a story that has nothing to do with the base storyline and feels like a one-shot disguised as a main issue.

In the story, we have no Freeze, we just have Batman uncover corruption in his orphanage. While the art from Fernando Blanco is really good in this issue, especially during the sequences when Batman is searching for the lost orphan. From the covering each day as Robin and Batman search, or seeing the heart monitor when they rescue the orphan. These were all well done panels, unfortunately, DC decided they’d rather bring in Tom Taylor, before he takes over the new Suicide Squad series. Then DC has Taylor just write a issue that has nothing to do with Tomasi’s current run, but still is considered issue 1017 and follows after what Tomasi gave us last time.

Next issue of Detective Comics is also the return of Tomasi as the writer, so why would DC give us this to begin with? Tomasi may have had something else going on, but this issue adds nothing to the story and does nothing for being considered a part of the Detective Comics series. Instead, DC gives us nothing but a random issue.

As a random issue, Taylor’s writing is good and showcases more of where his current style is and how we might see portrayals of similar characters in his Suicide Squad run. Damien was well written in helping Batman, though having Lucius there to remind Batman that Bruce Wayne owns the orphanage felt weird. I guess it was done as a sign of endearment from Fox as Bruce forgets that his family bought the orphanage.

Later on we get a similar moment where Damien asks why Bruce punched someone without being Batman, to which we get a similar response about the orphanage’s owner.

While feeling like a one-shot issue, changing the writer for one issue, and giving us nothing for plot development; Taylor and Blanco were wasted talent to cover for Tomasi this issue. Taylor and Blanco did a good job in there roles, but DC failed the fans by giving us something that you don’t need when collecting the Detective comics series.  

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