IDom wins Capcom Pro Tour over PunkDaGod

In a surprising turn of events, Capcom Pro Tour ends with the loss of Punk at the hands of IDom.

Earlier this morning, we saw Punk sweep his oppnents 3-0 in winners finals, with help from his main Karin Kanzuki. In the semi-finals match, Punk sent IDom to the losers bracket, resulting in IDom’s rise to the top from losers to beat Phenom’s Karen.

The biggest upset this season, IDom, a still unsponsored player, faced Punk in prior tournaments this year, only to lose everytime they face each other. This was seen when Punk sent him to losers as well, but with LAura at his side, IDom prevailed. Compared to Karin, who has been seen as a high tier character, Laura had fallen off everyone’s radar, as her grapple style is seen as weaker than Zangief. If anything, this tournament ended up proving that tier lists don’t matter in the hands of an experienced player like IDom.

In previous tournaments, IDOM would break out the newer fighter, Poison, to challenge Karin, but in the finals and against Phenom, we barely saw the change. Instead, IDom focused on using his main, even in bad match-ups, and with Laura’s aggressive playstyle that promotes offensive play over defense, we saw a new champion and a new character take first.

Whereas, at the beginning of the Pro Tour, the most common characters we saw were Rashid and Karin, we saw very little Rashid in the finals. This years finals brought us more R. Mika from Fuudo and Luffy in Top 16. We also got IDom as Laura and Poison, and Machabo and Phenom breaking out Necalli.

Unlike the previous year with a large amount of Rashid, Ibuki and Akuma; this year presented us with a more diverse cast of characters, even seeing Tokedo break out Lucia in a fight. With the experimenting in characters and picks, the one thing I was most surprised about was the lack of Kolin this year.

Kolin’s abilities have proven useful in past games, especially with her normal and V-Triggers, but this time we saw nothing from her in the Top 16, instead we witnessed the rise of a character that has gone under the radar and risen to the top.

Congratulations to IDom on his victory against the strongest player in Street Fighter this year. Punk showcased his abilities with multiple first place victories at the start of the season, followed by talk about how his Karin is one of the best in the world. Tonight though, it was IDom’s night as he proved to the world, what he can do with Laura and Poison. I look forward to the new Laura costume next year.

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