Far Sector #2 slowly adds onto the mystery

As an advertised mystery series, far Sector issue 2 suffers from slowly adding more information to enhance the mystery. Issue 2 spends more time focusing on building the world and characters in it further, than it does progressing the storyline.

Within the first few pages, Far Sector focuses on Mullein as she chases down the new murderer. This chase showcases her Green Lantern abilities finally, but also gives us the information that she isn’t great with her powers and using them to fly, as she relies on a civilian to get her on the ground.

Another element the story added was focusing on Mullein’s past lover and getting more information regarding her victim.

During the interaction with her old lover, we learn about Mullein meeting her over coffee, and how things didn’t work out at some point. Other than this, the scene felt like it was only important to introduce a character and her connection to the protagonist. Outside of this interaction, we learned nothing to move the story forward.

In another instance, Mullein investigates the crime scene again and learns about the different races and how they cope with their need to devour others. This information helps Mullein to figure out if the culprit was on drugs or not in their right mind when committing the murder.

Far Sector’s final important element was a meeting with Councillor Marth. During the meeting, the two dance and share a romantic moment, followed by getting back to business and learning a secret; Marth is on the drug. This situation only heightens that Mullein could be in a dangerous situation by being alone with Marth, but there isn’t much information past that.

As an author of young adult books, N.K. Jemisin struggles to balance world building and plot developments in comic form. Instead, she delivers an enjoyable character and world with minimal plot. We know that someone died, and some people have knowledge or might know something, but the audience has learned almost nothing in two issues. Jemisin has spent two issues setting up the world mostly, without allowing the plot to add onto world building elements overtime.

Why did Mullein meet her past lover? Will we find motives of the killer? Is one of the Councilman involved? Is Jemisin purposely making Marth come off as evil as a means to distract from the culprit? Will we learn more plot elements or spend more time on world building in the next issue?

Whereas all these questions factor into what the author is doing, her artist knows what they’re doing with the story. Jamal Campbell has constructing multiple sequences of city skylines and future buildings that it makes the whole story pop. While Jemisin’s style isn’t the most likeable, her artist has done a fantastic job with the series.

In this second issue, Campbell drew a two page spread of Mullein dancing with Marth, and showcasing afterimages. We also get a full page spread of the Keh-Topli and their feasting process. This page has images layered over each other in an artistic fashion that makes this issue stand out from other comics.

As an ongoing series, I hope Jemisin’s storytelling improves in later issues. The storytelling has been somewhat slow, but it belies an overall strong story element. Jemisin’s biggest strength is the world she created in this series. Another strong element of this series is Jamal Campbell. As a 12-issue series, I hope that DC keeps Jamal Campbell on Far Sector.

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