Flash 84 introduces its wincon

As the flash Family struggles to maintain their powers in the wake of Captain Cold’s overwhelming might, the team has a run in with their next rogue, Weather Wizard.

At first the team is hesitant to accept the help, which results in the destruction of their inhibitors and a beautiful art sequence by Christian Duce. As the team encounters Wizard’s hideout, Duce draws a widescreen shot compiling the destroyed naval ship. Later on we get a full page shot of Wizard descending on Team Flash and see him destroy their collars, resulting in the two page spread of Team flash trying to reign in their powers. This sequence was gorgeous as we see the movements of afterimages as the team is confused and worried about losing control.

After this sequence, Williamson goes through Cold’s second thoughts on Luthor’s plan and the Rogues plan to stop Cold regardless. After talking to Luthor, Cold comes back to Luthor’s side, though we’re now aware that he hasn’t fully forgotten his initial plan that he had with the other Rogues. Meanwhile, Glider explains how Cold believed he would be making the place better and not destroying the entire world, when he first accepted Luthor’s offer. This was a sentiment all the Rogues shared until Cold’s newfound powers went crazier.

As we saw from Cold’s talk with Luthor, he isn’t without saving as he still holds true to the values he once had, whereas Team Flash meets with the final member who can help them take out Cold, Heat Wave. This issue felt rushed in terms of getting all the rogues together in one issue to stop Cold. Rather than spend an issue convincing each Rogue to side with them, we immediately get both Wizard and Heat Wave siding with the team without any kind of build up.

Another concern in this issue, is that The Flash will solve the Luthor dilemma soon, because we’re going to be starting a new arc when Snyder finishes with Justice League. This would be a disappointment as Williamson is a great writer and has handled The Flash well, but it appears his pacing is being affected by Justice League.

While there are doubts that this arc will have a clean conclusion, Williamson does have some redeeming qualities in his writing. In this issue, we see the Rogues recalling how they were not about killing and their old ways. We have proper representations of The Flash Family. We also see the motives of different characters and how some elements impact each other. Williamson is one of the stronger writers at DC right now and it shows in The Flash, as his representation of characters is true and fitting. While his pacing suffers at times, it’s overall a strong storyline.

If you are reading current comics right now, I’d suggest picking his series up. Otherwise, if you’re far behind on issues, I’d suggest getting the graphic novel of this series, because Williamson’s work is very well done.

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