The 2020 Forecast for Winter Anime

With the Fall season coming to a close, the new year will be here before we know and with it, the sequel anime we have been waiting for. So long to the era of “your favorite anime is not getting another season”, the Winter season opens up with a bang with highly anticipated sequels.

Anime Sequels

First up in the category of series getting a second season is none other than the wholesome harem anime, Quintessential Quintuplets. As of now, there is no synopsis on My Anime List in regards to what the season could be about. That said, I highly doubt it is much of a mystery with the sequel continuing the story of Fuutarou continuing to tutor the quintuplets and in the process coming closer to deciding which one he wants to marry. We can expect the season to drama and tension and also the sweet, wholesome moments that made us fall in love with the characters. Personally, this is the anime I am most looking forward to when January comes.

Continuing the trend of sequel seasons, Winter 2020 will include Isekai Quartet season 2. Again, no synopsis provided but looking back on the previous season, I doubt it’s going to be anything different except with Naofumi and some of the Shield Hero cast joining the group. With this addition we will most likely get some great comedy with his interactions with the other otakus; Kazuma and Subaru as well as some good moments with Ainz. If anything, Naofumi is a much different character than Kazuma and Subaru that we might see him form a friendship with Ainz since they are both otakus to a degree but also very knowledgeable about other things and more serious in nature. Season 2 will definitely be just as fun of a time as the first and will be worth the watch.

Heya Camp visual

The last sequel anime we have this season will bring nothing but comfort in the cold winter season, Laid Back Camp returns with more wholesome adventures that motivate us to leave the home and camp ourselves. One thing to note about this second season is that it is being marketed as a “spin-off” season called Heya Camp. Typically that would mean it follows different characters or something of that nature. Instead, while an official season two is in the works, Heya Camp will be a mini-series of 5-minute shorts. As of writing this article, there is currently an Episode 0 that has been released in Japan but currently has no translation. While it won’t be full episode length, expect Heya Camp to show a lot of cute girls doing cute things involving camping. Due to its short length, Heya Camp will focus more on the wholesome interactions between the characters figuring out how to afford their equipment and less of the adventure of camping itself.

Anime Adaptations

Along with the sequel seasons, there are a couple of games with an established fanbase that are receiving anime adaptations this season. For those craving more Madoka inspired magical girl series, the popular gacha game; Magia Record will debut its adaptation this winter. Nekopara will also have an anime adaptation this upcoming season. For now, very little is known about the Nekopara anime aside from it having a PG-13 rating on My Anime List. That means it will not be what the games were meant to be. There is a possibility though, that the series will at least be an ecchi series to cater to its core demographic. It is definitely going to be a series to keep an eye on to see if it caters to its core demographic, adapts itself or completely misses the mark.

Now, about the Magia Records anime, this is definitely going to be a series that will make Madoka fans happy. According to Crunchyroll, the synopsis of the series reads like this:

The new heroine of Magia Record is Iroha, a magical girl on the hunt for her missing sister Ui in Kamihama. Also in Kamihama is Madoka, who’s searching for the similarly-missing Homura.

Source Crunchyroll
Magia Record

The series takes place in what we would call an alternate timeline after the events of the Madoka Magica anime. No need to open that can of worms of how that is possible when the series ended with Madoka becoming a god in order to make a better world for everyone and every magical girl. It is unclear how closely the anime will follow the game’s plotline where there is a different kind of enemy to replace Witches. Don’t worry, Witches will still play a different kind of role in this series and it will be just as out there and trippy as Madoka with Studio Shaft taking the helm.

New Anime

The Winter season may be packed with second seasons and adaptations but there are still a few new series in the mix that show promise. A couple of new anime to look out for in the new season are Somali and the Forest Spirit and Dorohedoro.

Somali and the Forest Spirit

Somali and the Forest Spirit is a Slice of Life, Fantasy-Adventure that follows a young human girl and an ancient golem that travel the world together and form a father and daughter bond with each other.

The world is ruled by spirits, goblins, and all manner of strange creatures. Human beings are persecuted, to the very point of extinction. One day, a golem and a lone human girl meet. This is a record of the pair, one a member of a ruined race, the other a watchman of the forest. It tells of their travels together and of the bond between father and daughter.

Source: My Anime List

From the synopsis alone, this anime could have the potential to be something unique especially combined with its slice of life genre. It would be nice to have a focus on character relationships in a storyline that is otherwise grim and depressing. Somali and the Forest Spirit could perhaps bring a story packed with emotion and deep character strife in a setting that so commonly sways to being more action/adventure-oriented.

The last anime that shows promise for this season is Dorohedoro. Reminiscent of the gritty, detective style of storytelling like No Guns Life, Dorohedoro treads its own path by focusing more on dark humor and action over mystery and intrigue. Directed by studio MAPPA, Dorohedoro features 3D animation that can either work perfectly or be just as awkward as Berserk 2016.

Hole—a dark, decrepit, and disorderly district where the strong prey on the weak and death is an ordinary occurrence—is all but befitting of the name given to it. A realm separated from law and ethics, it is a testing ground to the magic users who dominate it. As a race occupying the highest rungs of their society, the magic users think of the denizens of Hole as no more than insects.

Source: MAL

From how the synopsis is worded and how the promotional video plays out, Dorohedero walks a fine line between being dark and gritty and just edgy for the sake of edge. The series definitely has potential but we will see when the season comes what direction the series will go.

As more information becomes available and the season begins I will go further into detail on each of these series to see how they hold up against each other. Until then, keep an eye out for the exact days in your region when each of these shows drops.

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