Suicide Squad 2019 is the best modern Suicide Squad

In 2016, at the launch of the Rebirth line of DC comics, Rob Williams was assigned a Suicide Squad project that spanned over 40 issues, but in that time I lost interest at around 3.

Prior to Williams, DC had another Suicides Squad series around 2014-2015, that featured Joker’s daughter and Harley on the same team. Unfortunately, that series didn’t perform as well and needed after around 30+ issues.

Now at the end of 2019, DC introduced us to Tom Taylor and the team that helped him on Injusctice. In the new iteration of Suicide squad, I was hesitant upon finding out how many different people that Taylor had created and planned for the series. With a plot focused on revolutionaries joining their team and a large cast of unknown and minor characters joining the team, it was a different composition from other Suicide Squad iterations. As this point though, it’s safe to say that most Suicide Squad series only need Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and Deadshot to be a Suicide Squad team, while the author and artist have free reign to add whoever else they want in supporting roles.

As Taylor pens the new series in a larger first issue that focuses on the team coming together, he successfully created a narrative that gives a look into the gratuitous and potentially dark aspects of this series. These elements had been seen in his run on Injustice, and it’s welcome to seeing him apply the same to Suicide Squad. In this first issue, Taylor showcases King Shark crushing people in his jaw, and we see Cavalier’s head explode in another instance. These elements towards the end of the issue help to highlight what we are getting into and it’s a nice change from what the Rebirth Suicide Squad series was like.

Another change I noticed in this series was some of the character depictions by artist Bruno Redondo. The first major change I noticed was in Redondo’s depiction of Harley Quinn, making her look more toned and athletic compared to other iterations. Her outfits remained largely unchanged, but Redondo added more to showcase her prowess, something we’ve seen in other depictions of her with her gymnastic skills.

As the issue progressed and we saw the dynamics of various characters unfold, it’s a great new addition to the DC line-up with all the new faces, graphic art and depictions and plot elements from Taylor and Redondo. As a series, Suicide Squad is one of the strongest first showings I’ve seen from a recent DC comic, as Taylor gives us who we’re focusing on, with a little snippet about the character and a few interactions to set up the larger plan. The story doesn’t address who the main villain will be in the first issue, but it does give us our team and how they initially act, so I look forward to more character developments as the series progresses. This is one of the strongest teams I’ve seen writing Suicide Squad and the first issue shows.

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