The Return of the Man, The Myth, The Legend

Having flown the Hall of Justice as a means to stop Luthor’s ship in the last issue, Snyder’s latest issue gives us more action packed panels, culminating in the rescue of the man who can save the league, J’on J’onzz.

As a series, Snyder has been consistent in his storytelling and developments in defeating Perpetua and Lex over time. Snyder wrote multiple issues focused on the gathering of materials necessary to summon her, then we got The Anti-Monitor and time travel and more as a means to deal with Lex’s legion. Due to the recent development with Perpetua taking Sinestro, Cheetah, Grodd and Braniac and using their powers to enhance Lex further, It shows that Lew has become weaker due to the strength in numbers, something he lacks when compared to having Wonder Woman cut him in half to Superman bull rushing him into the ground.

In terms of progressing the narrative, Snyder focuses most on the action in this issue, and moves the plot along with the last few pages that result in J’onn becoming free. Since the issue did focus more on fighting Luthor and Perpetua’s intervening, the bulk of this issue fell on artists, Jorge Jimenez and Daniel Sampere. Jimenez’s work produced some of my favorite panels in this issue. In one of the early panels, Jimenez draws Wonder Woman as she rushes forward and cuts Luthor in half. This scene in a 3/4 page spread was fantastic. The action, deep wound, and showcasing how much of a powerhouse Wonder Woman is; Jimenez did fantastic with this page. Another beautiful page by Jimenez was the final page, when J’on is freed. On this page, we get him drawn proportionally larger than the rest, on a scale similar to Perpetua. We also have him positioned staring down on Luthor as he becomes freed and is shown as an incredible powerhouse.

Other than Jimenez’s work, Sampere did a beautiful job when showcasing Perpetua as she intervenes in the fight. Similar to J’on at the end, we get her as the giant she is, unleashing a large amount of energy upon the League and acknowledging that she must get involved to settle the final issue. This panels showcase of how great Perpetua is and the plight of our heroes as they struggle, makes it that much more satisfying for the final panel when we get J’on drawn on a similar scale, as if he’s depicted as the one person who can defeat Perpetua and be comparable in terms of power.

Overall, Snyder’s work remains consistent, as he looks to wrap up his run in one more issue. We also received some beautiful pages and poses from heroes and villains alike, thanks to the two artists tied to the project. I look forward to seeing how J’on’s involvement will save the League. It’ll be unfortunate to see Snyder leaving the series after the next issue, but whatever series he goes to next at DC will be another great storyline to impact the world. We’re already seeing the impact with Williamson’s Batman & Superman run and the Tynion IV mini series, Hell Arisen. So even when Snyder takes a break from DC, his arc will impact future books and we’ll see more callbacks to this run in the future as Snyder continues to connect his stories across all series he writes at DC.

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