Harley Quinn Show begins to snowball with strong episodes

While a weak first two episodes, DC Universe’s original show started to find its footing around episode 3 and now we have another strong showing in the latest episode.

Having commited crimes and assembled a crew, Harley is now in the market for an A-List nemesis, but she can’t seem to find one.

Some of the humor in this issue focused on topics of having a 12-year-old as a nemesis and clickbait articles slandering Harley, to name a few. As a series, the first few episodes felt like Harley was doing things to get back at Joker to some extent, but now it looks more like the common thread that ties the show together is having each episode focus on some kind of cliché or theme in comics.

In episode one, we saw Harley make it on her own and beat up Joker to prove she’s strong. Then the show focused on her stealing money to make a name for herself as a solo villain. Afterwards, we got an episode where she needed to form an evil team to be recognized, since all villains have henchmen. By the fourth episode, the show tackled having an A-list nemesis like Batman or Superman. As the show progresses, it appears that the goal is to make light of different tropes within’ superhero series, but do it with adult themes and edgy humor.

Harley Quinn as a series has decided to focus on innuendo, underage kids going through puberty, doing stupid things, meta jokes and more; as a structure that uses this humor to meld with a common theme, the show has found its goal. We’re also seeing the show become more of standalone episodes rather than an overarching storyline; Harley is still getting further in making a name for herself, but her endgoal takes more of a backseat as the story progresses.

If the show wanted to do what it was doing, but have a mre cohesive storyline where the plot takes precedent over the humor and themes, we’d see more from Joker and The League as Harley looks to take them down or prove her worth. Rather than use that, the show uses each episode to go through the villain tropes, find a fun way to spin them, all while causing mayhem for heroes and villains alike.

Harley Quinn feels like a show about friends who care about each other and get into crazy situations, and almost feels like older Family Guy at times. While not as edgy or explicit as Archer, this show feels like a series whose humor appeals to all superhero fans and maybe even people who enjoy Family Guy.

I definitely enjoyed this episode more than the last and see this show being on par with Doom Patrol in terms of quality writing. While I had my issues with the writing and concepts in the first few episodes, Harley Quinn has found their footing and it can only go up from here.

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