Catwoman forgoes plot for fun filler issue

Having met up with Zatanna at the end of the last issue, Selina asks for help, resulting in a rabbits foot that’ll solve her issue at an undisclosed moment. While this moved the plot forward, this lasted for one or two pages, whereas the majority of the issue focused on the two having fun, hanging out, drinking and beating up some villains that were hired to catch the cat.

As a filler chapter, this offered minimal plot developments, but did offer an overall better detour than prior filler issues within the series. Comapred to when Catwoman crashed a mobster party to get information that was undisclosed, this issue gave us a fun fight sequence, and returned to focus on her sister at one point, though giving us minimal detail as to what we can expect in the next issue.

As an artist and writer, Joelle Jones has been consistent in all aspects of the series despite having more filler issues than stories like Justice League. The last time another issue of a DC comic had a filler issue, Tom Taylor filled in for Detective Comics 1017 and gave us an issue that did nothing to move the narrative or deal with the current arc. In Joelle’s case, we did get minor plot developments, but rather than focus on a missing child and orphanage conspiracy, Catwoman spends around half the comic fighting alongside Zatanna, which resulted in a lot of fun panels and dialogue.

As a visual medium, it’s better when an author focuses on action when doing a minor issue. Since Catwoman did just that, Joelle dlivered multiple pages of Catwoman strangling villains and Zatana using magic tricks as a means to detain enemies. We also got the friendly banter of beating the villains without their weapons of choice. This interaction and the chemistry between the two was fun to read and watch.

I’m continuously enjoying this series so much and everything that Joelle puts into it, I can’t wait to see what happens when this arc ends, and if DC will have more arcs following Catwoman. Joelle is alongside writers like Scott Snyder, Donny Cates, James Tynion IV and Leah Williams, who I consider some of the best authors in comics right now. While not as strong of an issue in terms of developing plot, Jones made the series fun to watch and read, delivering a very good filler issue.

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