Vampirella begins anew in 2020

As chapter six concludes, Priest begins a rebirth of sorts as we see changes for multiple character arcs. In the first arc, we see the relationship dynamic between Vampirella and Shelly change, we see Nyx lose her humanity, Victory get arrested, and Vampirella ‘s relationship change with Benny.

During the first few pages, Priest focuses on the different viewpoints of the nuns and Vampirella, resulting in the two going there separate ways. When the two find homeless people that were kept as livestock for vampires, The nuns, led by Shelly, want to kill the people while Vampirella wanted to save them. This results in Vampirella cutting it off with Shelly, and putting herself in harms way to protect the humans.

Fast forward, we see Nyx enjoying herself in her new body, before she gets summoned back to her apartment, her heart ripped out, and kills her hosts son, in order to suvive. This brings about a coming change for her character as we see the dynamic unfold further between Vampirella’s mom and Nyx. In previous issues, we saw Nyx take over the host body, and Vampirella’s mom lie in wait for her to return. This issue gave us the reasoning now as Nyx takes a more servant/master relationship with the mom, who might be responsible for the next character arc.

After Nyx lost her humanity, we focus on Vampirella’s current interest; Victory, as they get involved in a hostage situation. As the two catch an elevator, an inmate escape and holds Victory hostage. Vampirella attempts to control his mind, but the inmate is already under another vampires control. In the end, Victory’s arrested after Vampirella murders the assailant. This brings about a new dynamic between Vampirella and Victory, since Victory is now in jail. Having lost her friend and lover, Vampirella is left with only Benny, until Victory gets freed from her situation.

During a conversation with Benny, Vampirella mentions the free luxury trip to listen to a sales pitch, that results in Benny going but Vampirella playing coy and saying she doesn’t want to. Vampirella’s behavior results in Benny looking for someone else, only to have Vampirella respond with why he was giving up so easy.

Each short segment in the overarching story ties to the changes each character is going through and how it’ll be represented in 2020. It’s nice to see Priest deliver a strong story element, as a series that focuses more on its characters than the action elements of other Vampirella series.

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