Hype Train: January Comics

With the beginning of 2020, here’s some of the new comics coming this month that we’re most excited for.

Kevin’s Picks:

Star – Jan 8th

Spinning out of Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel run, Marvel gives us a mini-series based on the new wielder of the Reality Stone. This series looks promising because we are being given an origin story that’ll dictate whether or not we see this character in a future ongoing series. I’m hoping Star is well written and gives us great action sequences, like we’re seeing in Thompson’s current Captain Marvel run. This series will also see other Avengers and villains with cameos as the bulk of the story revolves around Star finding out how to use and control her powers.

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos – Jan 22nd

Written by the current red Sonja author, Erik Burnham, this series sounds like it’ll have action on par with Vengeance of Vampirella. As Red Sonja defeats Kulan Gath, she unleashes the characters from Chaos! comics upon her world. This series will feature Chastity, among others in Red Sonja’s fight and deliver a unique interaction among characters who’ve not met in their current runs. As a series dealing with What-ifs and how someone like Sonja will deal with it, I’m curious as to how Burnham will handle each character. The series sounds like a lot of fun, but it can have its drawbacks. If the series doesn’t focus much on character interactions or fights and does more content around political intrigue, it can become boring. I’m hoping that the series goes heavy into the characters of Chaos! and Sonja coming up with a way to stop them, and maybe befriend some and struggle to let some go as she finds a way to return them to their world.

Thor – Jan 1st

Donny Cates is arguably the best writer at Marvel right now. His work with Venom and Carnage, has given him more popularity. Now that he gets to bring his brand to a world of Norse Gods in Thor, we can expect an action filled, and hopefully myth heavy series. Cates has delivered large scale and popular events for Marvel that tie into his own series, so for him to do the same for the God of Thunder, I can only expect a fun storyline. The biggest potential drawback to this series is that if Cates writes for too many series, he might get too comfortable and the writing could become worse on one of the series as he picks which one he wants to dedicate more time to. This can be seen with author’s like Jon Hickman or Brian Michael Bendis who’ve had to juggle multiple comic series right now and in the process, some of their series have been worse than others in terms of writing. Since Cates will only have Thor and Venom now, I’m hoping he can keep up his consistent work and deliver multiple strong stories and world building in the coming weeks.

Connor’s Picks:

Daredevil #16 – Jan 1st

Chip Zdarsky’s take on Hell’s Kitchen’s Daredevil has yet to disappoint. Volume #16 marks part six in the on-going “Through Hell” arc that has given us a lot of great Elektra and Daredevil moments combined with escalating tensions and fight scenes that had a solid build up. I don’t see very much room for error in this arc unless Zdarsky loses sight of what he initially planned. I am excited to see how this arc continues to develop and what it ultimately leads to. So far this has been a very thrilling and enjoyable read from Marvel.

Jessica Jones Blind Spot – Jan 15th

Jessica Jones returns to kick ass in this six book miniseries beginning on January 15th. This series previously existed exclusively as a digital comic but now comes to print where more people will discover it. After sampling a taste from the preview it looks like this Jessica Jones will be somewhat similar to the Netflix series’ version of her. Albeit, with her being married to Luke Cage and having a daughter so she won’t be drinking and sleeping around but will still carry that spunk and attitude that got me invested in her character. This series looks promising with its focus being more of a mystery/detective comic over a vigilante beat-em-up. I hope to see this series live up to that standard and not shift towards something focused more on family drama which is less enjoyable. With the series only consisting of six books, though, that may not be the case with the series having a set end.

Spider-Man and Black Cat – Jan 15th

In this five book miniseries, Spider-Man and Black Cat join up to take down Hammerhead and the Maggia family. This series closely follows the critically-acclaimed Spider-Man PS4 game and can go either way. What I am most looking forward to in this series is a continuation of the Spider-Man and Felicia Hardy/Black Cat from the video game. I thoroughly loved this specific version of the characters and their relationship dynamic in this story-line. While there could potentially not be much to tell aside from what the game has, this serious could explore elements that the game did not go into. Despite being an additional paid DLC, the game’s story had restrictions that kept it from showing a lot of Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy moments from the past and present as well as Spider-Man and Black Cat. The game would have ended up a visual novel if that were the case so I could see this series flesh out their characters even more and show elements of their previous relationship to really drive home their current dynamic even more. I hope to see this series explore moments from the game but also expand on these two characters further. But on the off chance it doesn’t, this series will just be a comic form of the game for those that may not have played it.

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