Flash 85 is an average issue

With some cool typing for Captain Cold’s lines, this issue showcases Flash getting his powers under control, as the rest of his allies struggle to get ahead of Captain Cold.

While I can’t find any faults within this issue, it doesn’t have many outstanding qualities either. Joshua Williamson’s writing is solid at telling a superhero story, but brings nothing new or outstanding to the table. We see Captain Cold putting his foot down and freezing allies and enemies alike, so he can refight Flash, one-on-one.

Leading up to that sequence, we see a moment between Glider and Barry as the two bond, resulting in Barry Ice Skating like Glider used to, and resulting in him getting his powers under control. Meanwhile, Barry’s allies struggle to get their powers under control, before taking the fight to Cold.

Each segment focusing on the heroes goals was laid out and plain, with nothing new, as The Flash goes to collect Mirror Master’s piece, and gets caught in a trap. This wasn’t unexpected and the final fight sequence was predictable hero fare as well, whereas Williamson’s work on Batman Superman has been a lot stronger in terms of writing.

Other than Joshua’s standard story arc, Christian Duce delivered a mostly standard series of panels with a few standout moments towards the end. A majority of Duce’s work consists of characters sitting or standing and talking, with a few standard running sequences. The best art of the issue instead came from Captain Cold freezing the entire group surrounding himself and Barry. This page gave a large shot with detail on different characters reactions before being frozen. After this, we get a close up sequence to end the issue, where Flash and Cold go toe-to-toe in a UFC like pose.

Overall this issue gave a good, standard storyline, alongside a standard art style. Williamson continues to give a solid run for The Flash, without anything bad nor amazing.

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