Star delivers a weak first issue

Spawning out of the Captain Marvel series, author Kelly Thompson delivers a weak first issue, filled with bad jokes and worse character dynamics.

In this new mini series, focusing on Star’s ability to understand her own powers, we see her drinking at a bar, complaining about ham, kill Loki, and fight Jessica jones. All within the span of a few pages each. This was very weak storytelling as we’re just hopping from cameo to cameo and seeing Star complaining about everything as she can’t understand her powers, and resort to killing and fighting people.

As a character origin story of sorts and a pseudo redemption arc focused on finding herself, this first issue fell flat in every way. At first, Thompson gives us a quick recap and moment of PTSD for Ripley, as she dreams of her being killed by Captain Marvel before the reality gem found her. This was one of the stronger moments of the series, as we then go to a seedy bar, where she complains multiple times about the smell of ham for unknown reasons, other than food humor. Afterwards, she gets into a bar fight over a seat, and ends up getting captured by Loki, who wants the gem she has, but doesn’t explain why or what it does; so Ripley kills him; anticlimactic.

Next we see that Jessica Jones had seen the events and goes home where we gets jokes about Jessica bringing donuts home for her roommates. Shortly after being their, Ripley visits to get help, so she mind controls Jessica as Jessica tries to explain not wanting to help Ripley. This then ends with Scarlet Witch breaking up the fight.

As an issue, we got two uses of food humor that was dumb and unfunny. Then we got a random encounter with Loki that added no new information for Ripley, except that someone might be trying to kill her. Afterwards we get a fight with Jessica Jones because Ripley needs help. Finally the Witch breaks things up. Did the series give us any new information or reason for Ripley’s powers or how to use them? No. Did Thompson have a reason for throwing in Loki? not really. Were the jokes in the issue amusing? nope. Was there any outstanding element of this first character origin story? not so much.

Unfortunately, this was a weak origin, for a story I was looking forward to from Marvel. I’ll consider getting into the next installment, but as a series, Star has yet to impress.

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