Batman #86 is the Batman we deserve

Though an arguably divisive run, something good did come of his choices; James TynionIV. Having taken over the Bat franchise and continuing the world set up by King, Tynion delivered a strong start and made things work with Selina and Lucius replacing Alfred.

In the run, we see Bruce come face to face with Deathstroke, Cheshire and more, as he defeats his enemies, for reasons unknown. We also see Selina do what she does best, and talk her way into stealing precious gems and getting into contact with another of Deathstrokes allies. This then leasds us to Lucius creating a new piece of technology that can fly and releases orbs that act as a way to create the illusion of Batman chasing down his villains.

Each piece that we got, gave us ore perspective on how the team dynamic will look going forward as Batman struggles to deal with the loss of a trusted friend, and leans on other allies. We also saw more from Joker, which ties into the prologue we got after King’s run. In it, we saw that the Joker facility and his henchmen were all killed or burnt alive. Within these panels, we got an allusion that Deathstroke’s defeat was a part of a greater plan.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m guessing that Batman might become framed for the killing of the henchmen, and that some of the villains he apprehended will also get killed as a means to have the city turn against him. Since we know that Joker is looking to reveal the true identity of Batman, it’s safe to assume, we could see an arc similar to Arrow season 6, where Oliver’s identity was revealed and the city was against him. This would make for a strong plot, as that season was also powerful.

Another potential story element for what we saw, is that Deathstroke was promised Batman’s identity and Joker blew up his factory as a means to become a ghost. Both options could be plausible takes as to what TynionIV plans to do going forward.

Regardless of potential future plot points, it was a welcomed site seeing everybody doing what they do best, with equally strong art. Batman climbing and searching the city for Deathstroke. Selina in a ball gown, cozying up to rich people as she tries to find the enemy. Lucius working on new technology and advising Batman. Everything felt like Batman series always do, and continuing Bat & Cat like King did is also a plus.

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