Harley Quinn returns to form with Queen of Fables

With more character centric episodes, as of late, Harley Quinn returned to its ways of hyperviolence, when Harley recruits the Queen of Fables.

As a whole, this episode did nothing to fit in the narrative, besides stealing something to get the Legion of Dooms attention, with no Legion of Doom present. Instead, what we got was more Poison Ivy sneaking around with Kite Man and having a heart-to-heart moment. We also got Queen of Fables mass murdering everyone at a family reunion, and the surviving member gaining powers. This resulted in the bulk of he storytelling of the episode.

Due to the focus on Queen, Harley Quinn’s jokes focused mostly on the Queen’s excessively violent nature, as well as humor from various fairy tales of hers. When the Queen summons Cinderella’s mouse, we get a commando that steals Star Labs tech, and works as a mercenary after the Queen is kicked off the team. Another fun moment was the big bad wolf murdering everyone and the three pigs eating everything to clean up. While dark humor, the shows take on fairy tail characters being nothing like we remember and doing horrible things, made for some fun edgier jokes.

Another joke we got from the series was Poison Ivy’s disguise when going to meet Kite Man. Her outfit being that of a 50’s noir style results in jokes from Harley, that were well deserved.

As a continuation, this episode did very little to progress the plot, as the majority of the dialogue focused on the Queen and Ivy. Whereas future episodes will deal with what the team stole, this episode was character development disguised as plot development. Since the writers gave us few tropes of the superhero genre and focused more on the dark humor and Ivy’s secret relationship, this episode was consistent but confusing at times. Some episodes feel like they want to develop the characters this season and not do an overarching plotline, while others focus on getting Harley recognition rather than the team itself. This flip flop of what the show is looking to accomplish by the end, confuses me as to how they plan on wrapping things up. Sometimes it feels like I’m watching standalone episodes, while other times feel like a continuing narrative that takes a number of detours frequently.

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