Ranked-Up Comics: 1/8/20

This week, we saw a number of standout comics from Marvel, DC and more. Here’s the best issues we read from this week.

#3: Catwoman #19/Venom #22

Both series have been strong for DC and Marvel, but what places them both at number three, is due to a lack of plot development, and a heavier focus on action and minimal story elements. Both issues also delivered a strong element towards the end, that factors into the storyline elements. In Joelle Jones latest issue, she focused most on Catwoman reaching her sister and fighting zombies. In Donny Cates Venom issue, we see Eddie spend most of his time getting weapons, and then fight Carnage a little. As a whole, the action was fun and exciting in both issues, but the lack of plot content drives me to place these lower on my list of comics.

#2 The Amazing Mary Jane #4

In Leah Williams latest issue, she delivered strong insight in the film making community and focusing on struggles during the process. As someone who came from the film industry, Leah Williams does an excellent job at creating a real world situation, based on a marvel character, without the need for typical superhero narratives. Instead, we got an issue focusing on the struggles of the industry and MJ putting in effort to finish the project. The fun art, realistic storyline and ability to move the plot forward without relying on comic book tropes, results in a continually strong series.

#1 Batman #86

At number one, James TynionIV deserves to be noticed for his work at taking what Tom King gave us, and turning it into a moving and engaging issue. We got Selina being the attractive thief that knows how to deal with people, while she’s still supporting Batman. We see Lucius working to create new tech and act as the other person that Bruce can lean on after Alfred’s death. Also we got the development of who the overarching villains are and a vague idea at what the series will be. While this issue is similar to Catwoman and Venom, since it has more action and less plot, it does deliver on setting up the new character dynamics that we can expect with a new author. Because of seeing how TynionIV deals with what Tom King gave him and turning it into a more meaningful comic, this was the best thing to come out of this week.

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