Death in the Cat family (Issue 19)

As Catwoman returns from her time spent with Zatanna, she arrives to fight off zombies, created by the Lazarus Pit, as part of the Creel’s plan to maintain rule over Villa Hermosa.

As an issue, the storyline was well paced through this issue, however it took more of a backseat to a larger focus on multiple panels of running and fighting zombies. When Jones does focus on story, we’re given three important moments. First, we see the death of someone who looked after Selina while she was in Villa Hermosa. Next, we’re given a moment of self reflection as a result for her past actions, including her leaving Villa Hermosa. Jones last element was showcasing her house with cameras over the city and a plan to send a specific zombie after Selina.

Each of these parts were important for various reasons, with the most prominent reason being an emotional appeal and connection. By Jones showcasing Selina getting tired as she rushes to her friends and sister, we see her dedication to protect those she loves. We also see her friends protecting each other, but it ending in failure and Selina being blamed for the death. Selina’s blame stemming from her leaving Villa Hermosa for a time to acquire help from Lex and Zatanna. This results in a brief moment of self reflection on her previous actions, with a panel of her on her knees in pain.

Since the issue dedicated most of its time to emotional elements, character developments and action, it did very little to progress the overarching storyline. What the series did give us was a more relaxed and appealing chapter as it focuses more upon the consequences of what Selina had been doing away from home. Due to this change of focus and catch-up on past characters, it felt weaker at times, while still delivering a strong overall issue. Seeing the loss of someone close to you, and taking a moment to reflect on what you’ve been doing, is a important and tragic element of this issue.

Jones delivered with another strong issue this week as we get closer to the end of the Catwoman series.

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