Shining a light on Vengeance of Vampirella #4

As Vampirella looks to defeat the chaos that took over her world 25 years ago, we begin seeing endgame arrive in the latest issue.

In the latest issue, Sniegoski focuses on Vampirella’s reunion with Passion and Nyx’s plan to encounter Vampirella again to stop her. This issue however, feels somewhat fast at times, when looking at things from Nyx’s view; whereas Vampirella focused moments feel slower.

When we focus on Vampirella, she spends time reconnecting with Pendragon and Passion, only to quickly leave to go after necromages controlled by Nyx, to bring back the sun. While his happens, Nyx gets into an argument with her father, then brings sirens to kill off humans and get Vampirella to come out. During this moment though, Vampirella acknowledges what’s going on and continues with her own plan instead. She cares more about the survival of the planet than helping those she protects. Nyx on the other hand doesn’t appear to have anyway to know that someone is going after the necromages she controls, even her father says nothing.

Sniegoski’s decision to make Vampirella uncaring about humanity and Nyx unable to see what’s going on, even though she had an orb in the last chapter to see where Vampirella was…makes me dislike this issue. The action and story are consistent in reaching the final plot point, but the characterizations and decisions by these characters feel dumb and out of place.

Previous Vampirella series show her risking her life for humans, but when she knows that hundreds are being commanded to die, she focuses more on bringing the sun back, but she has no way to bring the remaining humans back. As a character, I’d expect Vampirella to focus more on individuals and saving them rather than focusing on the necromages, but instead she continues on with no emotion or reaction towards the deaths. Instead, Passion and Pendragon react to what Nyx is doing, while Vampirella states that freeing the sun is more important.

When we shift to Nyx, she decides to kill off humans, hoping Vampirella shows up; instead she kills 50 and then just decides to continue without finding other ways to see what Vampirella is doing. Hemmorhage even makes comments acknowledging that Nyx isn’t trying very hard. Nyx looks like an idiot throughout this issue and it makes for a less compelling villain. I’d expect that the person who gets attributed for killing Vampirella would put in more effort in finding Vampirella.

While the story in this issue was weaker and less compelling, Vengeance of Vampirella’s art remains strong. The action sequences, Siren sequences and death scenes were all well composed by Michael Sta. Maria. Maria’s art of the hands from people who fell of the building to the Sirens returning up from the sea, made for some cool looking moments. Another cool sequence was the rats in the tunnel, and seeing Vampirella attacking and biting the necromages. All of these moments made for an exciting panel.

As an issue, this was weaker in terms of characterization, but stronger in the art department.

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