Venom The End: The Marvel Comics Equivalent of Cats

We have all heard how terrible the movie Cats was and saw all the memes and reviews of people saying that death would be better than watching that atrocity. That is exactly how I felt reading Venom The End by Adam Warren. In a nutshell, I wish I could give it 0/5 but that rating just doesn’t exist unless I didn’t write about it. But, I feel it was important to warn people going into this about how bad this one-shot was if they were expecting a good Venom story or just a story at all.

You know that common rule of story-telling, show not tell? That rule doesn’t even exist in this comic and if it did it would have been gutted, ran over and thrown out the window of a skyscraper penthouse. The writing of Venom The End is atrocious with the “story” not having a central plot or immersing the reader. The entire comic is just a narration, even when there is dialogue between characters that is narrated. The comic reads more like a terrible history book that is just a collection of Venom throughout the centuries and millennia and along the way tries to subvert the reader by not taking itself seriously and tries to mash together the humor of a censored Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy. The combination does not work and even on its own those types of humor only work in the stories they originated in.

Aside from the terribly flat and eye-rolling bad humor, Adam Warren takes it even further by making the story not just impossible to enjoy but also impossible to even understand by throwing inconstant big and scientific words to sound intelligent. The term A.S.I is thrown in like every line without explaining much of what it is so if you aren’t the biggest marvel fan you are not going to understand what that is, let alone some of the very niche hosts that Venom had outside of the Spidey-universe. One of the lines in the comic reads as followed; “…dispersed across a cosmic diaspora of Meatgarden Edens in a Madroxed network of Venomized super-humn(oid)s.”

There are several long winded sentences in the story packed with incredibly long, hard and niche words that your average reader wouldn’t even know the meaning of. As someone that used to be a huge reader some time ago, I would occasionally look a new word that I just discovered in the story I was reading the understand it, but even then I could at least infer its meaning within the context of the sentence. This jumble of words forming to make a sentence would mean the reader would have too look up like 5 words in one sentence just to understand what they just read. That’s not how you write an engaging story…

Now, aside from my complaint with Adam Warren’s writing, the other issue with this comic is that the artwork is nothing special either. If anything it feels rather generic and the characters feel a bit unrefined.

Overall, I would strongly urge you to not pick this up because it cannot even be one of those “so bad that it’s good” type of things. I can clearly see why this one-shot is titled “The End” because after every page and every panel I was quite frankly begging for the comic to end. My only hope that this one-shot offers us it that Adam Warren will not be a returning writer for Marvel Comics.

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