Hell Arisen delivers beautiful colors and composition in second issue

As Tynion IV continues to wrap up where Snyder and Williamson left off, his mini-series delivers with fantastic work from Nick Filardi, Steve Epting and Javier Fernandez. In the latest outing, we see Luthor turning the tables on the original infected, as he updates his plans and brings about each heroes weakness.

The best parts about these sequences though was the artwork in each scene. The composition from Lex Luthor in his power suit, with The Infected lying on the floor looked awesome. Seeing each character at a different distance rather than a common composition of everyone being the same distance from the focal point was gorgeous to watch. Another great aspect that I enjoyed seeing was Batman Who Laughs as he reveals more of his own plans. This leads to showing neither villain getting too far ahead, so that TynionIV can delay until the fourth issue to bring about a large finale. Until that finale, we see He Who Laughs has corrupted more members of the League while Luthor reunites with Mercy to recruit Joker.

In Dark Knights Metal, we saw that Joker was one of the reasons for Batman’s ability to beat He Who Laughs. Now that Luthor is using the same tactic, we could see that Joker does bring about the end of He Who Laughs and get a repeat. If TynionIV subverts expectations though, then we could see that He Who Laughs plans for the same thing as before, and resorts to a different tactic that allows for the convergence of the Dark Multiverse or some other larger plan.

Seeing where this mini series will go and how it’ll effect the rest of the DC Universe will be fun to watch.

Comparatively to the previous issue, this issues art, plot developments and colors were all a lot stronger than the first issue. We got developments of both sides showcasing their smarts and stratagem. We got a large amount of colors and shading, reminiscent of older comics. It gives off pre-2000 vibes and I really enjoy the refreshing style. Also, the artwork from Epting and Fernandez delivered on adjusting focal points, making characters in different positions rather than equal distance, and we got large amounts of seeing fun action poses. Seeing Luthor crush Scarab or taking knives out of Supergirl; all of these moment pulled together to deliver a nice issue.

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