Guardians of the Galaxy 2020 Brings a Twist on the Term “Reboot”

After seeing countless favorites shows, movies and comics end and begin again we have come to associate the term reboot with starting all over again from the beginning (thanks Spider-Man), but this decade’s Guardians of the Galaxy decides to take a direction less traveled for its reboot.

Written by Al Ewing, Guardians of the Galaxy 2020 reboots the series in an Old Man Logan style following our galactic defenders in their retired years. The first volume follows Peter Quill and Rocket as they leave their loved ones; Groot, Drax and Gamora to help the last remnants of the Nova Corps fight against galactic Olympian Gods that seek to rule over the entire universe.

This new reboot is a refreshing take on an otherwise over-saturated market because you can never get enough of that Old Man Logan narrative that follows characters you have fallen in love with when they are outside their prime. The series does a fantastic job of setting the tone with its visuals and gloomy dialogue that this is a time when all space-societal and government structures have been weakened allowing for the Olympians to become as big of a threat as they are.

The chemistry between Quill and Rocket is top notch and the same it has always been along with the other characters that make their appearance in this series. The art style is clean and easy on the eyes and allows for ease of navigation along the pages. The only odd insert in the first issue that held it back was the introduction of a new hero; Marvel Boy and how he introduces himself reads like a Tumblr bio and feels out of place in this series.

Hopefully that will not be a reoccurring thing and holds no importance to the plot going forward, so as to not be a potential deterrent to some readers. Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy 2020 is an enjoyable and funny read that is a great combination between being both serious and lighthearted at moments. I look forward to what the future issues will bring.

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