Justice League Dark finale?

As Justice League Dark comes to a close, we see the end of an era, or do we?

Diana met with the dark side of magic, granting it power, only to stand a chance at stopping Circe. Meanwhile Constantine and Zatanna look to Eclipso and Khalid looks to Fate. This results in the culmination of the fight against Circe.

TynionIV delivers the three Diana’s from Circe’s mind to defeat the Dark Legion of Doom. This is followed by a number of pseudo lackluster fight sequences, because TynionIV uses this issue to follow Kurt interviewing Diana about magic and the events that transpired. This shifts the focus from spending more time on the fight sequences, but the overall end result of this series was satisfying.

Bueno and Fernandez deliver some gorgeous full page spreads with the three Dianas binding Circe to the world of magic; to a multiple panel shot of a large waterfall, with the Earth above, as Diana gifts Circe her power back. These were the sequences that stood out most in this issue due to some of the gran design choices, the diverse iterations of Diana throughout the series, and seeing a merging of Dianas, Fate and other characters in a page that looked kind of like an experimental art piece or something I’d see as an album cover.

Another nice aspect of this series was that by the end, TynionIV doesn’t forget about Swamp Thing. Instead of leaving it at resolving the big, series spanning threat; we’re also given the acknowledgement that Swamp Thing is still dead and needs to be returned to the Parliament of Green. This will likely span only a few more issues, five at most, but seeing how the team returns power to the Green from the Flowers, will be a fun adventure.

Overall, compared to the previous issue, this was more lacking in the art and story department as an ending, but the overarching final arc was spectacular. It’s easy to acknowledge that ending arcs can be hard, and are usually weaker than their previous issues, but TynionIV still stuck the landing. We’re still given an issue with a solid end and an acknowledgement that there is one more thing to do. We also have in Diana’s interview, her acknowledgement about what magic means, giving us a different take then when Batman would lead the Justice League Dark. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and hope we get more books after this series, with a different author, since TynionIV is now busy with Hell Arisen and Batman.

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