Hype Train: February Comics

Kevin’s Picks

DC: Green Lantern Season 2

Spawning from the Blackstar mini series that finished up, this could be promising, since we’ve lacked a long running Green Lantern series on the shelves. DC hired Grant Morrison to return to the franchise, and bringing Hal back as the focus for this series could make for a fun 12 issue run. If successful, I hope the series spawns a longer run for the lanterns. I miss seeing the Reds and Violets in comics, and while we have Far Sector and Justice League Odyssey, this series looks like it’ll offer up something we’ve been missing out on.

Marvel: Wolverine

Another Krakoa storyline, and though Marvel is inundating the comic market with a large amount of these X-Men series, a Wolverine focused series could be enjoyable. Marvel even has Ben Percy, whose run on X-Force has been good, as the writer for this. I’m hoping that the art direction and story offer a more feral take on Wolverine in some aspect, similar to how Dynamite’s Red Sonja: Age of Chaos has been. If Marvel delivers on a more animalistic Wolverine or a more aggressive series than some of the other X-Men series currently, then we could see an overall strong storyline. I’m hoping that Marvel doesn’t disappoint with this series and Percy can deliver a fresh or different take on Wolverine, compared to the current series that feature him.

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