Year of Villain leaves more questions than answers

As the curtain falls on the final Scott Snyder issue of Justice League, it’s hard to say how it’ll impact the ongoing series. We saw how Snyder’s series impacted stories like Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and more, but we’ve yet to see how the ending will work for future projects.

Within each Year of the Villain series, we saw mostly minimal impact for those impacted, except for the still unknown importance of what Catwoman received. Instead, Flash beat Cold and we see the two sent to prison last week. Wonder Woman in #750, defeated Cheetah by means of bringing the truth to light. Teen Titans saw Lobo’s powers become a small plot element to progress the story. With all of this at an end though, Snyder leaves us with the heroes losing and going through a door to something we don’t know about. Will this impact the next issue of Justice League? We’re not privy to this information, because Snyder leaves no outline or details in his finale that tell us one way or another.

Another important element, was that the synergies among series was shown that they all shared a world and events happen at different times. Cheetah was trapped by Promethea in the Braniac chair, but instead, Wonder Woman still fought her. We also see that Batman Superman showcased He Who Laughs with the Phantom Stranger captured. In Snyder’s finale however, we see the Phantom Stranger along with Hera and the other members of the Quintessence, as they lead the Justice League through a door. This becomes a more confusing mess, because while everything is going on, we have the same character, in the same storyline, being in multiple places. We know that Snyder’s run impacted most series, but we don’t know how certain characters were in multiple places.

Due to an uncertain outcome or impact, the only thing we have left to look to is whether or not the Hell Arisen series will give us a clearer picture. We still have Luthor fighting He Who Laughs, and we still have a Justice League that’s been corrupted. With the bigger names leaving through a door to somewhere, it’s hard to say what’ll become of these various timelines.

While we’ve been left with an uncertain blueprint, and minimal explanation of events or timelines, Snyder and Jimenez delivered a small moment to showcase Shazaam, Bizarro and Young Justice, along with the no-event; Event Leviathan. Since we know that Event Leviathan is getting another round, it’s safe to assume that this time it could affect this new world along with whatever Hell Arisen does. What’s left to question though, will be how the League members leaving will impact their own storylines. We know that Wonder Woman lost Steve to Event Leviathan, so that series is directly associated with Steve Orlando’s storyline. Since Event Leviathan will have another round, we could see it impact Wonder Woman, and maybe the door leads to the past for her, who knows.

Another storyline that’ll potentially see impact is Supergirl. We’ve seen Wonder Woman fight Supergirl and the search for a cure, spawing from the events of Batman Superman, so it’s safe to assume that whatever happens in Hell Arisen and Supergirl, should still affect the Promethea ruling earth that Snyder left us with.

Though this issue left us with a lot more questions than answers, especially in terms of where different storylines take place and which are connected, it’s clear that DC might have a vision from the event they still have and the other they’ll be introducing this month. We also have Jorge Jimenez to thank for a lot of gorgeous work in this issue, with the rebirth of Martian Manhunter, to the panels referencing other series, to having a large page spread with imagery around Jonn, resulting in some beautiful scenery. It’ll be sad to see this run be over, but I hope that going forward, DC is able to maintain some kind of strong narrative, rather than turn into Marvel with their own universes for different characters.

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