Bravely Default II: Theorizing, and Reviewing

Having been out for a while now, many have already seen the Bravely Default II trailer, but before I theorize as to what may be in the upcoming game, I will be reviewing the trailer, and analyzing it. However, it should be said that there will be spoilers for Bravely Default and Second upon reaching the theory section of this article, so if you haven’t played Bravely Default or Bravely Second, it would be best that you do so before continuing.

A rather brief and simple trailer, it starts with a dark void, cloudy, which is parted for a mysterious structure, stars and space in the background, and in the center, a strange orb, glowing with rainbow light. “It is time to choose, accept your fate, and await oblivion,” a voice calls out, as the orb transitions into a blue, almost reptilian eye. “Or make a stand, and fight for survival.” The transition continues further so that, we see at the center is a blue crystal in the hands of a young woman, blonde, and with a design reminiscent of Agnes from the first game, as well as Ophelia from Octopath Traveler. “Step into the light young hero; be brave!” 

The Forested area shown off in the trailer

From there, we receive images of the developer team logo, the announcement of Revo’s return as composer for the soundtrack, etc. Most prominently shown, are new areas, a city on the side of a mountain, one merged with the forest, and another covered in snow, lastly, we who we can likely presume are our four heroes by a river, the girl with the crystal opens her eyes. Title card! 

There isn’t much with this trailer unfortunately, however, with what we do have, I will expand upon. The background music is a remix of “Prelude Moving Towards Hope” from Bravely Default’s Soundtrack, and the blonde’s design is very much similar to that of Agnes (As far as we know, her name is Gloria, so I will be referring to her as such from here on), fairly evident from simply the art of her, but vastly more so upon seeing her in the chibi art style of the game. It is safe to say that at least she and her two Male companions are in the base Freelancer class. However, the girl on the right is in an outfit nearly identical to the Thief Job’s costume. 

An Icy area, reminiscent of both a location in Bravely Default, and Octopath Traveler

Concerning the new terrain shown off, it is unlikely that this new game will take place in the same world as Bravely Default and Bravely Second, or at least, not in the same time period. The city built with the mountain is fairly similar to Al-Khampus, but the location is far too green. Al-Khampus was desert adjacent. The forested location would most likely be Yulyana woods, however, there was very little in terms of establishment in the region, further pointing to this being a different world or time period. The icy location however, both makes the most and least sense for a direct sequel. Eternia in the first game was in a similar location, and was the most important and powerful nation, it’s not stretching too far to assume they would expand greatly. Albeit the terrain isn’t perfect, it does somewhat match with the high mountains of the region.

From here on, expect spoilers of varying parts of the series. Do NOT continue without having played the other games. Youtuber Red Nova Tyrant has had the only real noteworthy theories on the platform, and as such, I will not be repeating his theories, but I will acknowledge points that he makes, as they are just as valid as my own, and I will expand upon a few details as to how they relate to my own theories. A link to his video on the matter will be at the end.

Though it is not exact, this is fairly reminiscent of Al Khampus

Theory Number One; A Story for Another Time:

I suppose I should start with the issue with assuming that Bravely Default II is going to be wholly independent from the first two games. Explicitly, there is a multiverse in the series. Red Nova Tyrant and I are of the same opinion that this game could very easily be of an alternate world. See his False Ending Theory. A new world was certainly the Nintendo wording… but with how little we know, and concerning how in the past, we’ve had the big plot twist of the Celestial Realm? I don’t doubt the potential reveal of this being an alternate world.

Cast of Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect. On the Bottom, Liz (Left) and Ace (Right)

Bravely Second took place three years after the first game, and in the several, minor spin offs, various other time periods have been shown off, perhaps most notably, Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect, a mobile game which took place between the two main games, though, had some time travel involved, where we saw the highly notable characters Ace and Liz, siblings who are very obviously related to Agnes and Tiz, from hundreds of years after Bravely Second. (At that, a subtle naming hint, more obvious for those who played Final Fantasy Type-0, Ace meaning one, Tiz meaning ten, and being the names of notable characters from that game). Thus, it’s not a stretch to say that Bravely Default II takes place a significant amount of time after the original. But, the biggest support for this theory is in the crystal our new female lead has. While it is unknown if she is a vestal, simply the context of the series, her design, and interaction with the crystal certainly suggest she is. It is stated by Yulyana that a destroyed Crystal will reform with a great period of time, and Agnes’ pendant was just that, a reforming crystal. Notably, our new character’s is much larger than Agnes’. suggesting that if it is the same crystal, a great amount of time has passed.

Theory Two; A Story for the End of Time:

Another idea I have come across is that this story actually takes place near the end of time, and it is at least, curious, and still possible, because of how little we know. Why the end of time? Well, as I’ve come to understand it, it is due to the seemingly secondary male character of the party, (The tallest one, in the back of the party in the trailer), having a resemblance to Kaiser Oblivion/Denys Geneolgia. Well, less so to Kaiser Oblivion’s in game model, but his CGI model in the opening, and official art have a closer hair color to this new character. While it is hard to see in the trailer, it’s not entirely safe to say this character still has both of his arms,  the trailer makes a big deal about not showing off his right arm, the arm Denys lost and received a prosthetic for. Some have even called out the subtle mention of Oblivion in the trailer. Again, I am not supportive of this theory, but it is noteworthy. It is worth noting this lookalike and Denys both have blue eyes. Red Nova Tyrant, in his speculation theorized that this story could have taken place just a few years after Bravely Second, and Denys acted as a Planeswarden.

Theory Three; Ringabel Explains Where Babies Come From:

Most of the weight of this theory comes off the fact that Ace and Liz exist, along with a few visual details. The big idea here is that at least one or two of our new party members are related to/descended from the original cast. Going back to the second male party member, while he does have some resemblance to Denys, this could be a descendant to Yew, considering they are still siblings. Others believe that Gloria is Ringabel and Edea’s daughter, the non-Denys lookalike is Tiz and Agnes’s son, and the white haired girl is Yew and Magnolia’s daughter. It is possible that the Denys lookalike is a sibling to this white haired girl, considering that the two do have the same eye color. She does not however, share her eye color with Yew (fully) or Magnolia, who are blue-green and red, respectively. However, her outfit is astonishingly similar to Magnolia’s Thief outfit.

Theory Four; The Party Fake Out:

As I just mentioned, the white-haired girl’s outfit is remarkably similar to that of the thief class. Considering Bravely Second’s Janne and Nikolai, it’s not out of the question that she is a temporary party member, that the party might have to fight later on. Again, the problem arises that we lack so much information. It’s best to say that we have no true certainty of most things, aside from Gloria. For all we know, we could be getting a reference to Finalo Fantasy II, where we think we have our starting party of four… but then boop, one of them is gone for some reason. The Bravely Second Demo was Yew, Nikolai, Janne, and Magnolia, but guess what? Well, to be fair, we had long since seen the Bravely Default post credits AR scene.

Theory Five; A Mysterious Adventurer:

Fanart of Deneb

Deneb. A mysterious character through and through, and one we know very little about. She claims to simply be a friend of Altair and Vega, and Yoko’s story could certainly support this, considering her references to Altair and one other. Some have even claimed that the fox companion is Yoko. But we don’t have an explicit answer, and this is more of a lightly implied answer, and the fox companion has even less support. I’m of no strong opinion concerning Deneb’s identity, but I would lean towards this not being the case. Two reasons. Altair possesses Tiz’s body in Bravely Second, and while the Adventurer technically is disguised and has no real interactions with the party, there is no mention of Altair recognizing her. Second, would be the existence of Ba’al Firstborn. I would however, say that Deneb could very well be Altair and Vega’s daughter. Deneb is a Celestial, very explicitly, and her relationship to Altair and Vega is very vague, and with Altair not interacting with her, that leaves Vega. Of course, this raises the issue that only the party, Altair, and Providence talk to Vega, but remember that the Ba’als are formed from specific memories of Vega. Now, some people have been quick to dismiss this, as the Final Fantasy Wiki states that Firstborn was supposedly representing ‘the child they never had the chance to have.’ Now, the wording here is a bit unusual, as it can be interpreted in several ways. A child they couldn’t raise together, a child they never conceived, but I feel the most likely context would be a child that was never born, considering Vega’s state of being. Red Nova in his analysis on the Ba’als even notes that Firstborn implies a female child. But, as expressed through Altair, death to a Celestial is a rather unusual thing. For all we know, Deneb is somewhat similar to the Altair/Tiz situation. Why does Altair not comment on Firstborn’s story? Simple. He didn’t know he was going to be a father. Partly, this could be because Yew and Magnolia didn’t quite parallel in this regard. I could certainly go on about why Firstborn doesn’t have a section in the Celestial Road dedicated to it, and how it could relate to Vega’s mentality, but it would be far less supported.

For now, this concludes my theories, until we do get more information. Below we have Red Nova’s video concerning his theories. Good day, good night, and good luck.

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