Catwoman’s Villa Hermosa arc reaches its swan song in next issue

After one more issue, Catwoman will wrap up its Villa Hermosa arc, 21 issues in the making of one of the most original and engaging series from writer Joelle Jones.

In the latest chapter we’re given three significant moments; a costume change, Creel’s plan set in motion, and Catwoman’s arrival at the Creel home for a final confrontation.

Using Catwoman’s costume change from the old style to her current iteration, showcases the changing of a character from her old self. Older Catwoman stole and was more thoughtful about stealing and herself. New Catwoman behaves more like Robin Hood and works within a team dynamic. This change of outfit helps to reflect the growth Selina has gone through since the first issue.

Other than the costume change, showcasing Creel’s plan set in motion helps to set up the endgame for the final issue in the arc. Creel turning the wealthy patrons of Villa Hermosa into zombies that she can control will ultimately work in her favor as the last wave of enemies that Selina must overcome to get to Creel. This, combined with the enclosed space of the house should make for a lot of good dynamic shots that artist Fernando Blanco can take advantage of. We could see glassware and pots and tables and more being used to create a stunning representation of Catwoman’s final fight.

While this issue delivers on both a changing of costume to reflect the change of personality, and the approach of the final battleground, the arc still had its faults. Partway through this storyline, Jones returns to the rabbit’s foot from Zatanna that was supposed to have some kind of significance, but we’ve yet to see what it was. We also have the map from Luthor that wasn’t fully explained. It can be assumed that Luthor’s map is what led Catwoman to Zatanna, but if that’s not the case, then we have two items that are still left up in the air. Due to getting mortally wounded in the last issue, Catowman’s charm from Zatanna might be used to save her friends. Another potential outcome from the foot would be to reverse the affliction that turned people into zombies, resulting in Creel losing her hold over the zombies. If this happens, then Selina would have no problems fighting Creel, whose guards have dwindled a lot since.

Another shortcoming of this issue was the resolution after the previous chapter. We saw Selina’s Hermosa family get hurt by the zombie attack, and we saw her sister affected too. In this issue though, we only see the sister being placed in a safe place and minimal talk about those who’ve been affected. With only one issue left in the arc, I hope that we have enough time spent on both the final fight and returning the favor to those who fought alongside Catwoman. She owes those who’d helped her in Hermosa and after what we saw in the previous issue, there should be some kind of fitting conclusion. As a long coming arc, I also hope that DC allows Jones to have a larger issue for this conclusion, rather than make it a standard sized issue. This has been one of the strongest series at DC and it’d be only fitting that a storyline 20+ issues in the making ends on a high note b being allotted as many pages as it needs to give a fitting conclusion.

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