Flash 88 and the oversaturation of Rogues

With the latest issue, writer Joshua Williamson delves into Paradox’s past and present plans to out Barry Allen and The Flash from all universes. This results in a look into the past instances that made Paradox who he is.

Williamson gives us a peak at the speedforce energy that struck him and the fight with turtle, resulting in Paradox’s entrapment within that speedforce. As a result of something The Flash was unaware of ,we see Paradox slowly turn into the monster his son drew, as well as the rise of Reverse Flash in the future. Reverse Flash soon recruits Paradox to join, alongside the Rogues we just finished an arc with.

The presence of seeing the rogues gallery again makes for a potentially disappointing arc. Williamson teased in the last issue that Paradox was coming after everyone, and defeating Cold during the YOTV arc wasn’t enough. Seeing as this upcoming danger might involve Cold and Glider once more, would make for an overall lackluster arc.

As an author, Williamson should just focus on Paradox and other villains to give a change of plotlines, but the tease of characters we saw recently, as if to imply that they could become involved within this arc, would make for a disappointing storyline.

If this next arc seeks to focus a few issues on Paradox seeking vengeance, it’s easy to also assume that what caused Paradox’s transformation by uncontrollable speedforce, could also be reversed like they did for Flash and the Flash family.

Compared to the recent arc that finished up, this new arc could be promising, but the set-up so-far looks like it can go either way. We’ve been given the reasoning behind the villain and how they plan to accomplish their goal, but it feels like all the players aren’t present. Since The Flash has issue #750 coming up in a few weeks, I’m certain that this arc will see much larger machinations in play.

This weeks issue was mostly lackluster, as it only delivered a retelling of a backstory to set-up the plot. What it does accomplish however is letting us get a glimpse at what we can expect in this arc and who could become involved later on. With that in play, I see the upcoming issues being stronger than what we have here.

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