Wonder Woman balances multiple story arcs, will she stick the landing?

After the success of the previous 750th issue and the end of the YOTV arc, Wonder Woman picked up last week from Diana’s surprise at being arrested. In the 751st issue however, Diana’s face changes to an immediate look of calm and collected, as the artist changed and we got a disjointed reaction. What we did see however, was the introduction of a new cop named Nora, who’s job it is to decide if Diana is a threat to Boston. This short leash is meant as a means to look after the local heroine, due to the damage she caused with Cheetah, during the YOTV arc.

Afterwards, Orlando showcases freak lightning storms, hidden by a true purpose, to seek out Diana and summon her to The Dark Fates, villains who share resemblances to Promethea and those from the Dark Multiverse. The Dark Fates appear to be telling of a champion who’s coming to test Diana, but all we see is Devastation, with no clear tell that the Fates speak of her. As a means to warn of upcoming events, The Dark Fates could also be an allusion to Snyder’s Dark Knights: Heavy Metal series that’s coming out. If that’s the case, then this would work in Orlando’s favor that we get a tease now to tie in later, rather than waiting to create a clean tie-in.

If the Dark Fates however, mean to talk about Devatation, then it works more in favor of the upcoming Event Leviathan issue. In the last Wonder Woman annual, we saw Sportsmaster’s daughter team-up with Diana, followed by an Event Leviathan spoiler to show that Leviathan turned the daughter against Diana, when revealing her true parents. Now that Sportsmaster is training an enemy of Wonder Woman to fight her, this would also work as the callback to what we can expect going forward.

After these moments, we get a brief mention of Donna Troy in the Hell Arisen series and the intro of The Iron Maiden. All of these elements make for a larger plotline at hand with both immediate stories and overaching plotlines. As an author, I hope that Orlando can deliver on balancing the multiple elements he’s given us. We now have to cover Nora as she watches Diana, Diana facing Devastation and Sportsmaster, Finding The Iron Maiden and the outcome of Donna Troy and her impact on Wonder Woman. We’ve so many elements that we’ve been given, that it’s clear we have a larger story in play and won’t be having much for filler storylines. This lack of downtime, also showcases that a heroes job is never done.

From a story perspective, this issue did a lot of work for coming out of the YOTV run, what it did lack however was interesting artistic elements and color palates. AS an issue it delivered the standard look throughout, except for the one standout panel at the end. Whoever colored the moment with The Iron Maiden, delivered colors that looked nothing like the rest of the issue. The colors and lighting around The Iron Maiden were exceptional and looked more dynamic in the scene, compared to the standard scheme in the rest of the issue.

Overall, this was a strong start to the rest of the series, I just hope that Orlando and team can manage to juggle these multiple storylines to create a clear and concise story. I look forward to seeing what’s to come in Diana’s future.

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