Amazing Mary Jane #5 Wraps up Production with a Bang

Leah Williams concludes the production segment of the first arc for Amazing Mary Jane with an intense brawl. This series has been a great breath of fresh air in the overcrowded superhero-action oriented comics with its laid-back, slice of life approach.

MJ just wants to have the career of her dreams work out and having everyone around her including Spider-Man being supportive of her makes for a very enjoyable read that is focused on character development and their day-to-day actions. The series has also been enjoyable with its take on turning Mysterio into a good buy that just wants to direct his own movie.

While not being very action focused, Leah Williams offers an enthralling inside-perspective on what it takes and looks like to produce a movie from behind the scenes. As someone with experience in that industry, William’s interpretation is informative and absolutely enjoyable to see since it offers a realistic insight into Hollywood productions.

But producing a film also comes with its hardships and people like the Sinister Six who want to ruin the production for their own agenda. While filming the very last scene during a crucial moment in the day, the Sinister Six arrive to sabotage the production only to be met by MJ who refuses to tolerate their crap any longer.

What I find so great that this series offers is that it is the Spider-Man universe with the villains but without the focus on Spider-Man himself in the picture. Instead, MJ is the one that has to deal with the super-villains and stop their evil plan and the all-out brawl at the end of issue #5 was well worth the wait to see MJ kick ass and defeat the villains without the use of super-powers or plot-armor. Mysterio also being a good guy this time around also made for a great scene for when Vulture punches MJ and Mysterio takes on the protective father role of putting Vulture in his place.

That entire scene was wonderfully executed and I hope we see many more moments like Mysterio taking on a protective fatherly role in future issues. Since he is also turned over a new leaf I do hope Spider-Man can eventually be incorporated in without taking the spotlight away from MJ to acknowledge that Mysterio wishes to be a good person and the two become friends in this series.

I am definitely looking forward to what Leah Williams has planned for the continuation of this series and hope it can spawn more comics that use great writers who have a background in certain industries to make for more unique perspectives in series.

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