Wolverine first issue delivers confusing two first issues within one

As Wolverine was introduced last week, author Benjamin Percy delivers two different stories with varied quality. Within the first story arc, we see a storyline following the X-Men series as the elderly women who stole from Krakoa were killed and the Krakoa flowers were corrupted into an impure solution. As this happens, Wolverine and a team from the X-Force series get teleported to a cult of mutant worshippers, where they soon kill the worshippers after they’re corrupted.

Within this storyline, Percy delivered some fun moments with the brief hide and seek moment to showcase a softer side to Wolverine, but this issue lacked the punch of Wolverines more feral nature. An old saying of Wolverine’s was “I’m the best at what I do, and what I do isn’t very nice,” and yet we got few panels showcasing that nature. AS a character, Wolverine is depicted as more of a drinking, angry, brawler type with softer moments. In this first half though, we saw a lack of showcasing those aspects of Wolverine and instead received a Wolverine that’s more subdued.

Percy depicts Wolverine as friendly and hopeless with the multiple parts within this issue. We’re seeing a Wolverine who lost his team, who’s great with kids and the women getting the better of him with Jean Grey and Kitty Pride taking there jabs at him. While endearing with those moments, it was unfortunate to see a less hard edged Wolverine like he used to be.

While the first issue gave us a Wolverine that felt more modern and separate from his initial depictions, the other story in this issue was more close to old Wolverine. In this issue, Percy gives us a story focusing on Wolverine running through Krakoa, getting into fights with Magneto and Omega Red. Throughout the storyline, we see Wolverine encounter a den of vampires, along with a reveal that the vampires are using Omega Red as a double agent.

Compared to the first issue, this featured a more nostalgic Wolverine that I enjoyed more than the first issue. We got to see him pick fights as he does as a sometimes headstrong character, who doesn’t give villains a second chance. What this issue suffers from though, is the plotline. Marvel already has X-Force going after government threats, X-Men was stopping Xavier’s perceived death and rogue agents, Excalibur is dealing with fantasy enemies and modern witches, New Mutants are fighting in space and also doing what Marauders is doing, and Fallen Angels deals with a technological god. With so many enemies being combatted across all their series, and now Wolverine introduces two more, it feels like the universe is becoming muddied.

We have so many teams with characters overlapping, and now we’re also getting a Cable series and Hellions, that it’s becoming too flooded with X-Men.

Wolverine did deliver on some interesting aspects of the character, but he’s also already a member of the X-Men and X-Force books as well so they are starting to stretch him too thin. We also see Psylocke and Jean Grey in multiple issues as well that it’s hard to keep up with everything. While Percy and team had good intentions, Wolverine’s two different storylines, trying to balance amongst the multiple other storylines he’s a part of makes for a series not worth continuing. If the X-Men series weren’t as flooded and overlapping into a muddled mixture of books and characters, this would’ve actually ben a fun read, but it’s more worthwhile to save for a graphic novel than it is to invest in the entirety of the Marvel X-Men universe.

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