Changes Coming to Rekka

Wanting to be as transparent with our readers as possible, I wanted to make a post dedicated to changes you will see on our website going forward. Due to the current nature of comics and anime in general coupled with creating this blog with no monetary incentives we have currently found ourselves in a predicament, there is just too little time to watch every new shows and also a finite amount of money we have budgeted for comics.

Focusing more on the comics aspect, there have been an increasing amount of new comics that we have deemed as rather lackluster and due to a finite budget we have decided to cut away the series that have yet to show promise of being exceptional or unique. Because of this you will likely see weeks with very few comic reviews. Of course there will also be series that we guarantee to continue reviewing, namely; Justice League Dark, Daredevil, Venom, Thor, Black Cat, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman to name a few. We will also continue reviewing new comics from writers or storylines that we believe to be solid entries into their respective series. As for other ongoing series like Wolverine, The Flash, various X-Men series and others will no longer be continued. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

As for the anime side of things I have found myself falling further and further behind on shows despite not watching as many as actual Anitubers do on a weekly basis. This issue is more of a limited amount of time in a day dedicated to other resources for the blog as well as outside, because of this I will try to be more succinct in the future seasons to come on what shows I think would be the best. Instead of doing nearly around 10 shows to watch I want to trim that down to 5 stellar shows that I believe are a must watch. These shows will either be a mixture of new or continuing series like Re:Zero season 2 starting in April. There are definitely a lot of hyped second and third seasons for shows this year that I would like to cover.

With March fast approaching we will soon be out of the dead months of the year when it comes to video game related content so be on the lookout for newer content around highly anticipated games to come out this year. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but by trimming the excess we believe we can deliver more high-quality content that would suit your interests more. Thank you again for your for your appreciation and for enjoying our work.

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