Justice League Dark and the art of storytelling

AS one arc ends, another heats up as the repercussions unfold for the death of Swamp Thing and capture of The Floronic Man. In this Issue, TynionIV and team manage to create an immediate threat on a massive scale, that looks to be entertaining. As an issue, we’re given two major plot points; Stopping the spread of killer mushrooms and resurrecting Swamp Thing.

Within this issue, TynionIV gives us a strong storyline because he’s able to juggle both concepts, as Constantine looks to solve the present issue by consulting and freeing The Floronic Man. We also see heroes get infected and a villain make their appearance known to The Floronic Man. All of these elements tied together nicely with a brief explanation of what’s going on, who’s involved and ways to stop it. Rather than introducing multiple aspects and teasing, like Orlando’s style involves in Wonder Woman 751, TynionIV’s style gives us what we need to know in one issue without giving too much detail. This hyperfocus on what’s important, while leaving out most unimportant fluff, elevates him as a writer.

Another great aspect of this issue was the way we saw each event unfold in the depictions by Kyle Hotz. While artistically, Hotz gives us an average comic style with no defining characterstics; he does give us unique view points and full page spreads to stress the scale of what’s going on. Seeing Bobo on a turned over bus while zombie mushroom people reach for him adds a sense of danger. Watching the heroes scale a skyscraper to get away from the danger and seeing them walk on it like Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie, made for an exciting panel.

Seeing the darker use of color palettes and heavier blacks made for an eerier depiction that fit the tone of this series and was well done. There were no major weak elements of the story as the varied viewpoints, colors and storyline all worked in harmony to create a sense of danger and dark world that this series is known for.

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