March Comic Hype

March looks to be a very slow month for new comics in general so we have decided in order to continue on tradition, we are going to include continuations of some series that we really loved as well as the few new series that we are looking forward to. These are the issues this month we are greatly looking forward to:

Kevin’s Picks:

Hell Arisen Issue #4 of 4

DC’s tie-in to Batman Superman and Snyder’s Justice League finishes this month with the final fight between Lex and He Who Laughs. This conclusion should delivere a satisfying end and a good segue into what Snyder has planned with the new Metal run. We already know that Supergirl is reaching a stopping point, due to Snyder’s upcoming series so we could see larger implications from this finale and how The Infected and Dark Multiverse will impact the future of DC comics. This will be a don’t miss finale.

Catwoman Issue #21

Another DC finale this month is the end of the Villa Hermosa arc in Catwoman. Joelle Jones run will continue past this, but this issue culminates a storyline that’s been years in the making for the series. Seeing how this ends and where Jones goes from here will be something to look forward to as both artist and writer, Jones has proven to be one of the best authors at DC, with her series. This is one of the best Catwoman runs from DC and going forward, the next arc should be just as strong.

Killing Red Sonja Issue #1

Teased months ago in Mark Russel’s Red Sonja run, we finally get the start to the series that’ll add onto the lore he’s developed. this will heighten the ongoing series as Russel will give us more viewpoints and story building through the eyes of the prince, whose father she slayed. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for months, since it gives us a new take and perspective on the series that can only go up from here.

Connor’s Picks:

Mercy #1

Brought to you by the indie publisher, Image Comics comes a Gothic Victorian horror series called Mercy. While not much is known currently just the theme and genre alone is a huge seller for me. Gothic Victorian horror stories are known for being unique and thrilling. There is never enough stories with these themes and the series will be written and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. Having the writer also be the illustrator just adds to the excitement since they can bring their creations to life in their image. The synopsis refers to the story being of interest to those that loved works like Crimson Peaks and Penny Dreadful. I believe this will be the best new series to release this month.

Spider-Woman #1

For new comics, Marvel offers Spider-Woman that will be written by Karla Pacheco with art by Pere Perez. It is uncertain what we might see in this series as I am unfamiliar with their previous works but with it being mre Spidey-goodness the series is sure to pack a lot of action and mayhem into it. From the sound of the synopsis it sounds like Spider-Woman may have the Jessica Jones attitude of not wanting to make friends but be itching for a fight.

Daredevil #19

A continuing series favorite of mine, it looks like Zdarsky may have concluded the Through Hell arc by having it transition into a new one that appears to be a two-parter. We last saw Daredevil and Hell’s Kitchen prepare to face their greatest threat, a hit-team of super-villains led by Bullseye to wipe out the Kitchen. What I’m most excited to see is how Zdarsky will play out the fight between Daredevil and Bullseye and what ramifications it will bring. I will also be intrigued to see how he will continue the series once the big-bad is out of the way.

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