Batman team showcases story pacing done right (issue 90)

Whether it’s revealing a villains motives, making up for past transgressions or hunting current threats; James TynionIV and Jorge Jimenez have continued to deliver one of the strongest series at DC. Their combined talent with giving beautifully stylized art and a storyline that rivals Scoot Snyder’s best works, gives us one of the best DC series.

This issue showcased Batman trusting Harley Quinn, after she saved Catwoman, resulting in a funny interaction with Deathstroke. Seeing Harley’s dark humor shine, as she sends every bat drone after Deathsroke, makes for a great start to this issue. Seeing Jimenez capture her face during the interaction as she’s sitting comfortably far away, added to the appeal of this beginning.

Afterwards we get a few boring standing shots of Bat and Cat, before they give us a flashback; and yet the character design and orientation of the characters on the rooftops made for a beautiful piece of art.

When the flashbacks begin, we see Cat in her classic costume, as she meets with Joker, Penguin and Riddler. While the villains costume doesn’t set the stage for how old the interaction is, showing Cat in her old purple outfit does give us a good timeframe for the events. Another great aspect of these moments is giving a further backstory to The Designer.

Within the backstory, we see The Designer as he lives in a house on a boat that’s reminiscent of the house from Constantine. We also see references to the undead and the nature of those commanded by The Designer. These plot devices help to set the stage when things take a turn and go south.

Since The Designer asked everyone what they want most, before The Joker kills him, this leads us to believe that The Designer lives through the event and attempts to accomplish the plans set up by the villains he recruited. Also, having control over the undead, leads us to believe that The Designer could still be alive.

If this is the case, then we’ll see if The Designer does aim for everyone’s goals or if he has an ulterior motive. Seeing how all of this plays out, combined with the art and direction that this series has, makes me that much more excited to see where the team goes next. TynionIV and Jimenez are by far one of my favorite teams at DC right now, and this series can only go up from there.

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