The Indie Comic Crowd (3/9/20)

With the increase of average comic series from a number of mainstream comic publishers, I’ve found myself spending more time on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to find more series that standout to me to replace my need and desire for impactful and unique stories. Here are some of the series that are ending this week that’ll fill that void for you.

White Widow Collection Volume 1 (Kickstarter)

From the mind of Jamie Tyndall, White Widow was a successful four issue series that focused on Gabrielle Garcia, a college student that gets injected with a serum by her dad, before he is killed. This turns her into the White Widow. As a series, Tyndall has received covers from major indie comic artists ( Mike DeBalfo, Dan Medoza, Jonboy Meyers) and cosplay covers from Ireland Reid and more.

As a series, this was the start for a universe that Tyndall was creating and works great for those wanting to read a new kind of superhero story in line with the likes of Marvel or DC.

Since this campaign is focused on collected editions, it works well for those wanting to jump in to the franchise.

Expendables Go to Hell (Indiegogo)

Richard Meyer (Jawbreakers) and Chuck Dixon (DC) team up with Stallone and a host of other artists to create a new storyline for Stallone’s trilogy. This time around, we’re given a what-if scenario; where Stallone’s team dies and they’re sent to Hell. In hell, they’ll come across various historical and mythical characters. This series also includes a number of short stories that add more variety to different situations the team could find themselves in.

If you’re a fan of GI Joe or military action series, then this will be a great addition to your collection.

Kamen America (Kickstarter & Indiegogo)

Having success with his series Black Hops, Tim Lim is delivering a superhero story with art reminiscent of My Hero Academia and other manga. This series focuses on Carly Vanders, a fashionista and costume designer who gets struck with strange energy and becomes a hero.

Based on the character design, colors and theme, Vanders reminds me of an Americanized version of My Hero Academia’s Mt. Lady character. While the personality and bulk of this series is unknown until its release, it looks promising as an option for fans of anime, manga and similar themes. The costume and character design, along with the colors, makes the series appear much more lighthearted than the military focus of Lim’s Black Hops series.

Recently, Lim also announced that this campaign will move to Indiegogo after the Kickstarter run ends in a few days, so if you miss your chance to get it now, you’ll have more chances to check it out.

Check back next week as we cover more crowdfunding campaign recommendations for those looking to branch out from the mainstream series. These were just a sample of what these sites have to offer, and there’re more campaigns out there that are worth the support. So I encourage you to go out there and support the creators and artists you like by helping make their series a reality.

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