Black Cat plays out like a Deadpool comic (issue 10)

Having stolen from major heroes, Black Cat returns to her more comedic ways as Jed MacKay has turned the character into more of a caricature and Deadpool style figure compared to the Robin Hood, Femme Fatale personality she used to have.

The series has focused on amusing moments of interacting with other Marvel heroes, and this series has returned to that, while losing the sometimes serious moments of the issues at hand. Odessa Drake was the villain that was involved in all of Black Cat’s previous schemes, but now that Fox was saved, we’ve returned to what feels more like a cartoon than the initial issues. The carefree personality, and comical style depicted in the art of Black Cat by Kris Anka, give the impression that I’m reading a Deadpool comic rather than a Black Cat series.

Anka’s style combined with the way Jed MacKay is writing the character, makes the series feel more like I’m reading about the wrong character. In initial issues, MacKay had given more serious moments and written the character closer to her initial inception. Black Cat would always tease Spiderman and played out a lot like Catwoman, since Black Cat was supposed to be Marvel’s version of the popular DC character. This time around however, we’ve gotten an issue that feels too cartoon-like compared to the rest of the issues and strays too far from the source material.

While the art style and writing are enjoyable at times, it feels like the team behind this series was creating a pitch for a Deadpool series, rather than continuing the Black Cat story they set up.

Instead of having any mention of Drake, we got Wolverine being dropped due to his weight. We have Black Cat grinning at every moment and throwing jokes like getting people to cheer for her instead of Wolverine, or seeing Black Cat getting bored over Wolverine’s important documents. While the self-interested aspect of the character remain intact, the series has changed its tone enough that it no longer feels like a Black Cat series and feels more like Deadpool. The extremely laid back nature and lack of seriousness at times in this issue made it fall flat.

I’m hopeful that the next issue is a return to form for the team behind the ongoing series, otherwise this Deadpool/Harley Quinn style art and writing for Black Cat will be enough for me to drop the series.

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