Daredevil #19 Sees the Return of the Hero of Hell’s Kitchen

For a majority of Zdarsky’s run of Daredevil we have had a blend of character-driven drama and good ol’ action of Matt Murdock taking on a gang war and criminal syndicate larger than Kingpin’s. We have even had Elektra show up for a brief couple of issues to aide him but in this time there has never truly been Daredevil until now.

Zdarsky’s run has mostly been focused on Matt Murdock as he comes to terms with the devil inside him and discovers who he truly is. Those familiar with the Netflix series or Frank Miller’s interpretation will see the similarities and inspiration Zdarsky drew from during this run.

It has been a suspenseful ride to see this psychological drama finally reach a tipping point as Matt Murdock comes face to face with the Stormwyn’s hit-squad that are out to destroy the Kitchen. We see as the citizens struggle in vain against the likes of Bullseye, Rhino and Crossbones as the make the place a living hell. in the wake of their destruction we see some of the citizens band together to stop them, all of the donning the red mask of Daredevil. Zdarsky’s message becomes quite clear that all of Matt’s struggles over the identity of Daredevil is that he has become something larger than himself. Zdarsky’s interpretation is that Daredevil is no longer just an individual but rather a symbol of protection and community.

Upon coming to this realization, Matt then dons the mask himself before he goes to fight his nemesis, Bullseye. What makes this scene so powerful is that on the surface it can be seen as Matt’s official return to Daredevil but it also serves as a defining character moment that he has finally come to accept who he is and why he has continued to fight the Stormwyn’s despite not wanting to be Daredevil anymore.

Since this issue is a part one of two I hope to see a resolution to this defining moment but also some good moments that can go down in the history of Daredevil. With Dardevil about the face off against Bullseye, I look forward to what Zdarsky has planned next and how the fight will pan out for the future of his Daredevil run.

Overall, I think this issue finally delivers on a long, highly anticipated moment and brings our hero full circle right before the crucial moment.

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