Dejah Thoris pacing slows in latest arc (Issue #4)

After the traumatic experience in the third issue, Dejah Thoris slows down to take it’s time and build up the larger plot.

While Dejah and allies fend off spiders, the larger focus of this issue comes from Thuvia. We see that she survives the destruction of her kingdom, as she walks alone in the desert. Due to her new encounter, it’s hard to say where Abnett looks to take the series from here, but we have the end goal becoming clearer; Dejah is no longer worried about her planet and has shifted focus to killing Kurz.

What we’re seeing a lack of though is Kurz and the witch he made allies with. Both were introduced within the first issue, so that we could have an understanding of all the players involved in this series, but we’ve forgotten about those two. We also have had no more information on the martians who left their tribe to look for food. This neglect of important player makes for a slower arc as we’re focusing more on our heroes surviving in different environments.

With this shift in focus on the heroes surviving and not what the villains are doing, it makes for a slower paced beginning to a new arc. While integral to the story, this issue suffers from giving us enough new information. Within this issue, the only new information we got is the change in Dejah Thoris’s plans and the reveal of Thuvia surviving.

Going forward, the series will benefit from giving us more information per issue and finding new and exciting ways to reveal that information. Since we know what Dejah and Thuvia are doing, we should see a short wrap-up for both situations and a larger focus on accomplishing their goals as well as Kurz and his plans going forward. We should also get more information from the martians and Kurz allies.

With the abundance of characters, we managed to get more information per issue within the first issue of this series, then we have in the third and fourth issues. Abnett’s team had done a good initial job of introducing us to the overarching cast within the first two issues, but the series has started to slow down a lot more in pacing of late.


– Delivers two new story arcs

– Delivers impactful reveal


– Minimal new information added

– Zero focus on villains or martians from first issue

– Slow Pacing

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