Anime Hype: Spring Season

The Winter season is coming to an end and with it, we begin to approach the sequel-packed seasons of this year. With the spring season right around the corner, there are several sequel series to keep us entertained for a long time. But, there are still even more highly anticipated sequels to air this year that it can be overwhelming. With a large amount of sequels this season it also runs the risk of overshadowing all of the new series that will air alongside them. This Spring season definitely looks more sequel oriented than the Winter season but there are a few series in the line-up that we are looking forward to:

Connor’s Picks:

My Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
Katarina Claus: Otome Game

With another season comes another isekai! By now you are probably rolling your eyes into the back of your head annoyed with there being yet, another isekai anime. But, like many recent entries into the genre you might also be curious to know how this one sets itself apart from the others. The quick answer, My Life as a Villainess is a shojo focused isekai unlike the plethora of other titles in the genre that are more geared towards men. A lot of the ads for this show focus on it being a reverse harem but in actuality, this series is more of a bisexual harem. There are a ton of great waifus and husbandos in this series than can make it appealing to all demographics. As someone who has read a bit of the manga adaptation, the comedy in this series is absolutely top-notch as Katarina devises plans to avoid her doom. As someone who was reincarnated into the otome game she played, her character is scripted to have no happy endings and faces either exile or death in her near future. But what if, equipped with that knowledge, she can avoid those and write her own destiny? As someone who greatly enjoyed the manga, I see this anime adaptation being faithful to its source material and being the next show that people will be talking about this season.

Tower of God
Bam, ToG

Tower of God, a popular manhwa that started over 10 years ago is now receiving the anime treatment. Fans are both excited for this highly anticipated adaptation and also very nervous of how faithful it will stay to the source material. As someone who was recently recommended to read this series, if it does remain faithful to the web comic then this will be the series of the season. I only started reading this series roughly a week ago and have had an insanely difficult time putting it down to focus on other things in my life. It is that amazing and addicting. The story follows a boy named Bam as he grows up in this empty world of darkness when he meets a girl named Rachel who gives him his name and his life meaning. One day she decides to leave and he chases after her since she is the only other thing in this world aside from him and the person that gave him a purpose. She tells him that she is going to climb the tower and reach the top where she can see the outside world and the stars. Unwilling to separate from her he pleads for her to stay before vanishing only to reappear within the tower where he is told that he opened the gate. This tower is a place that promises those who can climb their way to the top to seek any wish they desire whether that is power, greed or something else entirely. It is a world filled with hopes and desires but is it truly what it appears? What is this tower’s purpose? There is a lot of mystery in this fantasy/adventure series that can attract even a new audience to it.

Kaguya-sama Love is War S2

While not a new original series this season, Kaguya-sama is definitely the one sequel this season that I am most excited for. The humor and intense character moments of the first season left me with such a strong impression that I want to see how it continues. There are not many pure comedy shows that I find funny throughout but the awkward comedy, character interactions and development in this show make each joke land and leave an impact. Seeing as how the first season ended I am definitely looking forward to where they pick things up and how they continue to make the comedic, character chemistry between two tsunderes work out.

Kevin’s Picks:


BNA is an original anime, from the studio that gave us Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver and Little Witch Academia; Trigger. Studio Trigger gives us a mystery tale in a sci-fi world where animal people exist and a high schooler gets turned into a Tanuki. She then goes on a quest to solve the mystery. This story is directed by the author and director of Little Witch Academia.

With the standout style and stories from Trigger, backed by the writer and director of Little Witch Academia, this series is bound to be one of the standouts and most talked about this season. If Beastars didn’t make you a fury, Trigger will.


Gleipnir, based off the manga of the same name, appears like a different and weirder take on the Mirai Nikki formula. We’re seeing a series with people turning into mascot characters with weapons as they fight each other to the death. In this story however, we’re seeing the guy turn into the mascot as he protects a girl on her mission to find her families killer.

Gleipnir’s studio, Studio Pine, is the same studio that gave us Gamers! and having a series that strays from their usual genres will be interesting. They also hired the director of Akatuski no Yona; Yona of the Dawn to direct this series. As a director, he’s mostly done comedies, slice of life and shoujo series. Seeing a studio and director both delve into a new genre will bring a refreshing take on something with Gleipnir’s style.


An original, historical themed series with an unoriginal plotline as teams of people race from one side of the US to the other. Rat Race, JoJo: Steelball run and more have all done this. While unoriginal in concept, what we do get is PA Works, the studio behind A Lull in the Sea and Shirobako, is giving us another original series that could be strong due to their previous tack record.

Not only is Studio Trigger delivering a strong original, but another well received studio is giving us something new and not based on any prior source material. What might set this series back though, is the director. PA Works hired someone whose biggest success was the dumpster fire that was Soul Eater NOT.

Honorary Mention: Listeners

While Trigger and PA Works have given us their unique original concepts, one other studio enters the ring this season with a strong contender, a la Carole & Tuesday, as we see a new music themed anime, this time by the studio that gave us Zankyou no Terror and Kakegurui; and the producer who gave us Zombieland Saga.

In a world without music, a young boy meets a girl with a earphone jack on her back, and the two discover music and rock n’ roll.

Mappa is giving us a new promising series, unfortunately, it’s stuck behind the Funimation paywall. Due to the licensor and their poor streaming service, this series won’t have as big of a reach, but will remain on everyone’s radar due to the studio backing it and the original concept.

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