The Indie Comic Crowd (3/16/20)


From Myth Division, the group behind Luminous and Alt Control Delete, Menagerie gives a different take and feel to the formula from Alien and Predator. The series revolved around a military team who abandons the war and makes a home on a planet on the galaxies outer rim.

The series is a story of survival against nature and gives various aliens in each issue. For fans of Alien, Predator, and other Sci-Fi series, this series delivers by giving new and exciting concepts and worlds to excite the potential of the universe.

This is the fourth issue in the series, and now’s as good a time as any to support their campaign in their last two days, and help to make their campaigns grow more.

Lady Death: Malevolent Decimation

Taking place after the events of Blasphemy Anthem, we see an evil Lady Death and a host of heroes, led by La Muerta, as they seek to stop her.

This series delivers all the supernatural elements, and action and metal style of Brian Pulido’s flagship series, as he pits his anti-heroine against La Muerta for the first time.

As crowdfunding favorites, Brian Pulido’s series consistently deliver and provide for the fans with large amounts of add-ons and stretch goals.

If you’re a fan of series like Vampirella or Chastity at Dynamite, then this is the series for you. Brian Pulido created one of the most iconic, badass women in comics, and his series isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This series is well worth the support, and from one of the most renowned crowdfunded comic companies on Kickstarter.

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