Vampirella and Red Sonja goes from buddy comedy to mystery (issue 7)

As Bellaire’s previous arc came to an end, we saw Sonja and Vampy take on Russians and how the two ended up in the modern times.

Now that the two got sent to the 1920’s, due to the gem that Sonja has, we see a new plotline take place as the story switches to a fight over the stone, or does it?

Due to the ending of the latest issue, we see both a new, unnamed villain and we see that the stone isn’t the focus. This turn of events lead us to believe that something else is in play.

We see a blue side to the red gem, but we also see the possession of a mouse, giving voice to the gem and a vampire capturing Vampy. This change in plot developments creates a larger mystery at hand.

As an Author, Bellaire has changed what felt like a buddy comedy series, into a mystery series with a larger premise that is still left unknown.

Why did Vampy get taken over the gem? How will Sonja be able to stop them? Why does the next issue mention Drakulon? Is the vampire, who stole Vampy, someone from her past? What is the significance of the red vs. blue gems?

Since this issue gave less voice to Sonja and we saw Vampy get captured, we should see a lot of Sonja in the next issue, and I hope we see a return to her personality and excessive destruction. Seeing her break through the Russian facility like it was nothing was a very amusing moment in the previous arc, but with the shift in focus to a larger premise, I’m curious as to where this premise will find itself.

Will Bellaire change the dynamic between the to heroines due to current circumstances? Will we see Sonja get more serious as she goes after her friend?

This shift in premise is something I wasn’t inherently expecting to see from the series, but this does allow the series to progress, rather than creating short arcs that felt like a buddy comedy series.

Since the tease for the next issue mentions Sonja on Drakulon, I hope to see Sonja destroy vampires and get some great fight sequences. We never saw Vampy and Sonja fight much, since they allied themselves against the Russians, but having a new focus and moving the setting from 1920’s can allow for some standout sequences.

Bellaire already Established Sonja having superhuman strength and a tomboy type, laid back personality compared to Vampirella, so seeing excessive destruction and violence from Sonja would be par for the course.

While the characterizations weren’t as strong as previous issues, the large amount of plot developments and mystery aspects that Bellaire gave us in this issue, made for an overall interesting premise as we speculate what will become of the series and heroines in a changing landscape.

What once was a buddy comedy, has now focused on Vampy and the stone as the more important elements, and maybe later we’ll see other big shifts from Bellaire that’ll add to this shifting storyline.

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