Venom #24 Creates a Hard to Predict Future for Venom

Compared to previous issues, Venom #24 felt incredibly short with very little content but also provided very much needed context for the seemingly random ending of the previous issue. When we last saw Eddie Brock he survived the lightning strike that separated him from the Carnage symbiote but in the process he was also separated from his other half, Venom.

After being rescued by Captain America and waking up in a hospital bed in New York, he then lives a nightmare after surviving. Being told by his son that he can no longer live with him since he puts him in danger to learning the truth that he wasn’t out for 3 weeks bur rather months. During that time it was also revealed that Knull had arrived and that it was too late to stop him. Everything came across as a bit hard to swallow until Cates pulled off that cliche “it was all a dream” twist.

Turns out, Eddie was never rescued from the island and was unconscious the entire time as Carnage began to possess him. It was a twist that played off rather well and created a powerful character-driven story as we see Eddie give into despair and his son then fill his shoes to come and save him.

We also see new exploitative powers be revealed for Venom as Brock’s son, Dylan control Venom remotely. It was also revealed that Venom can now take on any form like a dinosaur if he is not bonded to a human.

It was all fun reveals in this issue coupled with a powerful character-driven narrative but ultimately everything felt a bit downplayed with how short the story in this issue ultimately was. While all of these elements are excellent and weave together seamlessly, the overall length is lackluster in Venom #24. By the time I read the story from cover to cover I felt like it didn’t provide enough to satisfy me as a reader. I wanted to see a bit more of the story unfold before being left off with the next cliffhanger.

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