Latest Batman delivers satisfying culmination to first arc

With all the characters in play, TynionIV’s Designer takes center stage as the plan to take over Gotham begins.

Seeing the panel designs in this issue was strong, as always, coming from the artists working alongside TynionIV. Seeing the colors and shading when the Batship overtakes Deathstroke on the Semi, or watching as Harley and Selena escape Gotham PD who’ve been infected by Joker toxin. All of these elements added up to one of the most satisfying, ongoing series at DC.

While keeping the mystery, TynionIV’s team manages to move the plot forward by establishing the Designer’s knowledge of everyone’s whereabouts, and his ability to deal with the assassin’s without Harley and Selena’s knowledge. Establishing that, allowed us to know that this villain has access to many facets of the city, without anyone knowing prior, especially Batman.

The Designers ability to steal and supposedly kill the assassins without Harley and Selena knowing, leads to believe that the Designer has skills as an assassin himself.

When the reveal comes, we’ll have two options currently; Joker or League of Assassins. Since TynionIV opened with the Joker and has teased before with the prologue, that Joker would be a member of this team, it gives the character an option as a villain.

Also, we know that Joker might’ve killed the Designer during a meeting. This however is not confirmed yet, and Joker isn’t methodical enough for what the current Designer is doing.

Seeing a villain with the ability to gain access to important points in the city and get in and out of an area undetected, leads me to believe that the only option is a member of the League. What we could see is an original League member taking a foothold in the city, as TynionIV introduces us to another new character, other than Punchline in the next issue.

Setting the stage this way can also mean that it’s probably not Talia or Rha’s as Batman has dealt with them enough to know that they aren’t to blame. This leaves either a new League member or a new character altogether with hacking and stealth skills. If Joker is behind the mask, we’re seeing an elaborate joke play out and one of the biggest crimes in the history of the character.

Seeing TynionIV give only slight reveals, but enough to move the plot forward and build up suspense is masterclass. He’s truly at the top of his game with one of the best Batman storylines since Court of Owls.

I loved all the art and action and plot devices we got in this issue and can’t wait to see what TynionIV does next.

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