The Amazing Mary Jane #6 Takes the Story to Uncharted Waters

The latest chapter in The Amazing Mary Jane series by Leah Williams brought a different ton and change of pace packed with mystery. The previous issue concluded the first arc that ultimately wrapped up production of Mysterio’s movie that starred our heroine, MJ. After fighting off horde after horde of paparazzi, the movie finally finished production and transitioned to the next phase, a press tour.

The latest chapter opens up on MJ going on a a talk show to promote her latest movie. Cage, AKA Mysterio, also comes on and states that he does not remember filming the movie. The air is thick with mystery with a bunch of smoke and mirrors popping up. Does he really not remember or is this all part of a bigger picture?

There is no telling what to make of what we see or read in this chapter as Leah Williams perfectly illustrates the hellish pacing and chaos associated with live talk shows. As MJ deals with what appears to be a “brainwashed” Mysterio she notices behind the stage that there is a mysterious man wearing an oni mask. No one else seems to take notice of the person and she witnesses him commit a murder behind set.

All of which seems extremely far fetched but Williams does a great job to establish the atmosphere that there may be more at play than what is shown in this first chapter. Even when she reports it to the police, things seem a bit surreal even to the point where they tell her that the man is a notorious hit-man with an insanely high body-count. They then proceed to put her into immediate witness protection and fly her to Montana for the indefinite future.

After promising to reunite with Peter after her movie shoot, she is now stranded without any contact. Throughout the story we see that she loses her phone in her frantic rush to escape the killer who then uses it to track down Peter who is waiting for MJ to meet him for dinner. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how things play out with the superhero now playing a minor role in the mix and how the story as a whole develops.

Leah Williams was definitely in her zone when it came to writing about the Hollywood experience but now that the story has transitioned outside of that realm it will be a nice change of pace to see what she is truly capable of. The last thing I want to note that made this issue standout was William’s insert about the current trend in female focused superheroes. I’ll let the image below.

It’s definitely a little quip that I believe solidifies her as someone that doesn’t want to use her work to make a political statement but rather make a truly great female character through fantastic writing. This is something that I personally as a writer, would like to see more of and I greatly appreciate the writers and the works that do so. Overall, I think this was a great issue and I look forward to how the story progresses and our characters develop. I am also intrigued to see what other works Leah Williams will do in the future.

While there was a lot I did enjoy there was just one thing bugging me and that was how Mysterio acted like nothing in the prior arc ever happened.

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