The Indie Comic Crowd (3/24/20)

From New to ongoing series, here’s some of the great upcoming series, whose campaigns will end within a week that are worth supporting.

Aurora by Sorah Suhng

From artist Sorah Suhng, we’re seeing a new series around Superheroes and a world without nukes. In this alternate history, nations use Superheroes as a platform to solve wars and disputes instead of relying on WMD’s. This creates a different dynamic, and not only does the series deliver gorgeous art by Sorah herself, but we’re also seeing a number of beautiful covers from indie regulars; Mike DeBalfo, Elis Chatzoudias, Ryan Kincaid, Richard Ortiz, etc.

This series, unlike her first Kickstater, is a friendlier series for teens and young adults. With the rising popularity of superheroes, her alternate history series looks to impress and continue with a larger, multiple issue run.

If you enjoy heroes, alternate history storylines, a diverse cast of characters, or Sorah’s work on projects like Lady Death or the upcoming Stake comic, then you’ll enjoy this series.

Stake #1 by David A. Byrne

A new series that adds on to the vampire genre, Stake is about:

Three years ago, Vampires announced their presence to the world in grand fashion; in one instant, Angel lost her two best friends and her life changed forever. Now, as a member of the Vampire Bounty Hunter Union and with the help of her ancient vampire mentor, Jessamy, she’s out to track down the vampire who destroyed her life. She is…Stake.

This series gives a different take to vampires by treating them as biological organisms, according to the Kickstarter page. As a series, it’ll also have an emphasis on the characters using social media to promote their exploits, giving a more modern aspect to the series.

As a vampire tale, this series will appeal more to a YA audience due to the themes and nature of the tale. The story features a revenge tale that focuses on the heroine and her ally, both members of a vampire union.

Based on the descriptions and characters it entails, I expect this series to play out and appeal to fans of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series.

Another great aspect of this comic is the amount of beautiful cover art that Byrne has for the series. He’s amassed a large number of talented, female artists to bring the series to life with 8 different cover options and more.

Will Not Bow #1-3 by Samantha Branch

“Will Not Bow is a mature, fantasy story about a princess named Zahra who was born with light and dark magic. As she struggles to get control of her power, she is also dealing with the coldness towards her from her father and people because she is an outcast and a danger to them all.”

A fantastical tale dealing with magical elements, this is the second campaign from Samantha Branch, and the city and world reminds me of a mix between Aztec structures and greek elements, with a protagonist that somewhat reminded me of LAra Croft with how she is drawn.

The heroine is what drew me in first based on he art, but seeing as the series has been successful thus far and made it to 3 issues now, the world must be a very engaging place. Especially with a story dealing with magical elements, but targeted towards a mature audience.

While conceptually, the idea isn’t unique, the art and setting looks to set this series apart from those like it. The popular anime franchise, Blue Exorcist dealt with a son coming to terms with being related to the devil, but using his powers for good and finding ways to prove himself to protect his friends. Black Clover also features similar themes.

This series however has its own unique world and a different perspective that would bring a fresh take on the concept of someone who becomes an outcast, due to things out of their control, and works to prove themselves and learn more along the way.

From a fantastical world, to a series that’s had continued success and brings a new perspective to the fantasy genre, I’m excited to see how this series plays out.

If you enjoy tales where the protagonist deals with proving themselves and you learn more about their world along with them in a fantasy setting, then this series is a good one to back.

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