Vampirella catches up to issue zero (issue 9 review)

As the large majority of Vampirella has been spent focusing on her past and the events that led up to issue 0, Priest and team have arrived at that point with a return to characters introduced within the first issues.

We’ve arrived at Nyx on the plane, Vampirella’s mom at the airport, and the crash that begins shortly after, due to Nyx’s actions. This results in Vampirella feeding on Benny and his death upon their return trip.

We’ve also seen the death of Vampirella’s former nun lover and events unfold with those after her, alongside Vampirella’s therapist and the child who finds Vampirella’s whereabouts.

With everything coming together, Priest is soon to be enacting Vampirella’s rise from the ashes, as she seeks out help for the events. We’ve seen her therapists involvement as a means for her to let go of the past and come to terms with things, while Nyx and her mom continue to enact plans to make Vampirella’s life harder.

Seeing the team coming full circle is going to be a good change of pace, due to the long time coming of events we knew coming up, but waited with baited breath until Priest reached that moment.

While the story worked well at reaching the height of its plot, there were some issues with the art in this issue. Seeing the dad sleeping and getting copy pasted imagery of the dad asleep to faces of women Vampirella slept with looking identical were all disappointing. There were a number of panels that were shortcuts and less expressive than previous installments. Instead of giving multiple parts with unique and different positioning, we saw more repeat poses and panels than there should’ve been.

While some of the art felt less unique, WE did still have some good panels that accented this issue well. Seeing the girl, Katie, in front of the plane, as Nyx crashes it in a full page spread was gorgeous. Seeing the scale and the lead up to that was good. Also, watching Victory meet Vampirella’s former nun lover, and dealing with the death of Benny; both reactive scenes were well composed for this issue.

Overall, this issue had its faults in the artistic elements, but it wasn’t enough to detract from the larger and more satisfying return to where the story began.

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