Continued success with Riddle U episode

With the abundance of killing off major villains, Gordon’s fall into despair and a tease on Batman’s return; DC Universe delivers its continued success by not killing off The Riddler and introducing new major characters to the show in their latest episode.

Seeing the writers build up this world further and find ways to both incorporate new and old characters is both exciting and a means to continue the success of the show.

As a series, we’re seeing the continued strengths of each character as the writers have fallen into finding the tropes that work for everyone.

Tudyk succeeds with his overacting as Clayface and as a popular college student. We also see the teamwork of Psycho and King Shark as they escape from Bane and Two Face, while making a death car in a sequence that felt like something out of a Looney Tunes gag. We also get Gordon’s depression, eating chips of himself and drinking beer in the shower, while crashing with his daughter in her dorm. Every character that this series has brought on has both added the iconic traits of themselves, while turning aspects of it on its head.

This decision to make these choices, helps to psh the series further as we know what to expect from each character and the writers deliver each interaction.

Riddler becomes cocky and we see him lose to blind luck as he zaps himself, something the villain is more prone to do in depictions, due to the nature of his personality. Since Riddler believes himself to be smarter than everyone else, he always falls from grace worse than other villains, so the series continues to pull the rug out from under him, as it plays to him losing to stupidity, rather than Batman’s detective skills.

We also see Batgirl finally become a thing in the series, though we’re still missing more of Robin or Sye Borgman.

All of the interactions, along with the decision to continue using what characters are known for and turn it on its head for laughs, makes the series stand out. Seeing someone known for killing, continue to be more of a pacifist, or someone who can shapeshift be a bad method actor to seeing the smartest person lose to the dumbest things; all of these elements and trope usage for superhero stories makes this series continue to be strong, and the writers have managed to continue making this season the strongest yet.

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