SHE: An Assassin in pursuit of Freedom

As a gun for hire, you’re always at the mercy of whoever hires you. Your role is to hunt down whoever you’re paid for a carry out the mission, but the team at ComixTribe decided to create a different kind of story as we start at the end.

Instead of focusing a large amount on SHE’s past, we see her carry out a mission to eras all of history, creating the ultimate freedom. By removing all strings and means that someone could hold power over another person, this first volume sets a new precedent for the genre. We’ve now got a story that’s unique in its own ways, while also being minimalist.

SHE has few characters and even fewer plot devices as a large amount of focus is only on building up part of SHE’s mythos.

We only learn enough to provide why she takes a mission, while we also get developments on her record as a gun for hire.

Seeing this alternate take and decision to place the story at the end in the first volume is a risky decision, but the ending gives way to potentially interesting future developments, should this series get more involved issues later on.

With the bare bones story and plot elements, we’ve been given enough to be engaged, while giving us a small enough taste of the world to get hooked.

What I love most about this narrative and the storytelling elements is that we’re thrown right into the plot with some interesting philosophical aspects combined with some action and characters that make us engaged. Seeing how SHE acts towards her associates, and how she interacts with competitors added to her depth.

Lindsay and Panda give us enough through SHE’s body language and words that she is calm, collected and cold. SHE focuses solely on finding the truth and ways to be at peace. While known for her skills in her profession, she’d rather find ways to cut ties to anything that could be used against her.

SHE cares not for money anymore and would rather focus on her own freedom and a way to maintain it. While not a new concept, the delivery of someone on a quest to free themselves in this series was fascinating enough that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Overall, this was a fast paced and short, yet satisfying take on an assassin for hire kind of tale. I can’t wait to see what SHE does next.

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